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  1. Smart very smart but saving money good 😉😉👏👏👏👏

  2. 3:42-how do we need to open the last two plastic?😲😲

  3. Athra minute dry chayan vakanam 1st kanichatu

  4. I have a life hack for yall if u dont wanna lose ur money and ur a girl, if u wear a sports bra put the money in were the little pocket were the padding go of u cant find it i know pink has bras that do

  5. Eeeeeeeeee uuuuuuuuu bir de sen de bir çok kişi daha parçasını sevdi, ne zaman başlar ve bir çocuk ppp! KO, o

  6. Guys what soda someone plz tell me

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  8. me gusta como dar espacio en una maleta $&#47=!

  9. Yaar tum logo ka problem kya hai
    Purae purane dekhate bas 1 new rahta😠😈

  10. Um.. They don’t allow liquids on the plane. So how are we allowed to do these hacks? 😐

  11. Some of these are good, but that blush “hack” may be the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen 🤦🏻‍♀️

  12. بسیار به درد بخور بود عالی

  13. Buen vídeo, ideas geniales #$&65/

  14. 7:55 to 9:31 Theifs watching this: All right…

  15. why are they repeating the same hacks in one video

  16. Maybe later…..or never;)👘

  17. why does she have so many pills though lol

  18. U copied someone

  19. Can we do the toothpaste hack on any paper

  20. Can you make forky Please

  21. Gross 😬 Who would hide dirty money in their panty liner?? Putting money inside a phone isn’t any better. People steal phones too so you lose both the money and the phone 🤦🏻‍♀️

  22. 10:38 imagine how hard it would be just to get a tee shirt😂

  23. 2:05 or just buy hand sanitizer

  24. 1 hack is solo bored n we can carry a short tooth paste

  25. The one with the face mask deoderant thing is fake it is a differant bottle

  26. How you gonna get the money out of the soap


  28. Kon sa soda

  29. 0:28 Can't you just bring a small tube of toothpaste?

  30. How long do you get the tooth paste dry for???

  31. Employee: that’ll be 5.30 $
    Them: *pulls out soap bar
    Also them:* pull out tweaser
    Employee: 😳
    Then :*is shoving tweaser down soap trying to get money

  32. 2:54 why would these stuff even be close to each other

  33. I srart watch these video in april 30th that is 2019

  34. 11:42 i have so many problems with this channel



  35. Isn't baking soda bad for u??

  36. Shop me se rupee Kase nikalagai

  37. What Chinese science?

  38. I have an idea to save space! Be happy with who you are and don’t cover yourself so don’t wear makeup.

  39. You will benefit a lot if you subscribe

  40. Yo yo you yo yo like the videoooooo

  41. Ke divertido guau je nial bkvvvj

  42. Wow!! Really well done!! Great travel ideas! I love the toothbrush in the water bottle one. 🙂

  43. Anyone else notice that these hacks never tell you how to solve something just how prevent them

  44. Thanks now I’m ready to go to hawii

  45. Pakijafi)amsong

  46. I really love several of these, great video. Liked and subbed!

  47. I like how the bar of soap said “safeguard” 7:55

  48. We all know that no one does these 😂 what’s the point !

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