This is our guide how to travel paradise on earth! 🔥
After having spent so much time in the Philippines we decided to put our favorite places on the island of Palawan together and create a travel guide for you to follow to have the best time possible whilst travel ing in the Philippines.
Our list includes: Coron, El Nido, Port Barton, Sabang Underground River, and Puerto Princesa.
If you have any questions feel free to drop a comment down below and we’ll answer as fast as possible 🙂
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Our main camera:
Outdoor camera:
Our backpack:

The amazing Marco Fabio Cossu. Go and check his channel out!😊





Music by Ehrling

Somewhere In Nature by Simon More
Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported — CC BY 3.0

Arceus – Bahamas



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  1. Paradise PHILIPPINES Is the OPHIR

  2. And the from Coron i go to el nido whit my philipna woman it whas amazing i whas there for 4 mouth and i see manye beautifull things zip line and sure rent moterbike that you can explore too much ,,……and then manye other one's i have sooo manye record whit my go pro 7 this is Amazing diviece really people sure for there under water in the air and normal on the ground the image whas Always very good not very good but THE BEST THAT I EVER HAVE VERY NICE IT WHAS AMAZING MY FRIEND

  3. yeay very nice i do all palawan the first Coron amazing Island obelieveble like Paradise on Earth you go for look and feeling the feeling when you there amazing

  4. Been there

  5. Awesome and beautiful travel video! Although I'm Pinay here in US, Philippines will always hold a special place in my heart, I'm going back to Philippines in December, cant wait!…I miss Cebu and the beautiful beaches and my family! The wonderful scenery, natural beauty, people and gorgeous women seem to be gaining more world popularity and they are always a big part of the Filipina culture and foreigner's travel plans! BTW, My US husband and I actually met online while he was traveling using an online vacation and Philippines dating app. If anyone is planning on traveling to the Philippines soon, it might help you. Just thought I'd share if anyone is interested in Filipina dating or that type of thing: God bless! Mabuhay Pilipinas!

  6. I'll be in palawan net month can't wait. Thanks for the info. Cheers bro.

  7. I would gladly recommend Cuyo, Palawan also.

  8. Coron is absolutely beautiful, and so much to do, its a must see

  9. Beautiful Palawan. I only went to El Nido, Puerto Princesa & the Underground River. I will come back there again on my next vacation for Coron.

  10. Just a reminder to use reef friendly sunsreen when you are there. Save the reefs!

  11. Wow so nice… thank you for sharing palawan philippines…
    Mga kabayan watching from kuwait

  12. Use sunscreen or you will look like this…
    shows picture of a persons butt

  13. how many countries do u travel so far?

  14. i was born in philippines but never had the chance to explore it! definitely on my bucket list next year! or maybe my retirement plan,

  15. nice video new subcr

  16. Great video, I subbed.

  17. Excellent vid. Subscribing

  18. 東京の電車How is gathering Tokyo Trainduring rush hour-Japan

  19. i love palawan…i been there before last feb 28 2018

  20. OMG the water and nature looks incredible!💚 wonderful colors!

  21. Woaaah my friend and I will travel there this year! I‘m even more exited after watching this video :3
    When renting a scooter, do you know if it is necessary to have a driver‘s license? I got a german one and my friend has no license yet. Will this be a problem?

  22. Balabac is superb

  23. How many days are enough to explore this island . Should I start my journey from Manila to Cebu or Palawan to Cebu end up with borocay plz help me out .
    Anyone recommendation
    Instagram: Salmanalaji
    Snapchat: Salmanalaji

  24. Next time go farther down south. Visit Balabac, which is 9 hours away from Puerto Princesa … 5 hours by van up to Rio Tuba and 4 hours by boat from Rio Tuba to Balabac. There are, at least, thirty breath-taking virgin islands to explore there. Amazing white sand beaches, long sandbars, clear waters that change in various hues of green and blue, wonderful corals and very rich marine life! I visited the place last December. 😀

  25. nice video!!!
    pls watch our vacation in the Philippines December 2018.
    We used GoPRO Hero 5 and Dji Spark.
    thank you👍

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