These are the top tour ist destinations brought to you by way of the U.S. of A. Join as we count down our picks for the top 10 must- visit American cities. Check us out at, and Also, check out the trivia section for this video:

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  1. 2:26 where I was born! Thanks so much for adding that on the list!

  2. Where’s Chicago I don’t see it they have everything man

  3. My fav countries beside India is USA,Japan , China, Australia,UAE, Singapore, Maldives, Malaysia,UK,Italy and Thailand

  4. Frisco not so much today. Unless you wanna see the world's largest dump for drug needles and human waste on the streets.

  5. I actually live 50 minutes away from dc in the metro area so it's not a vacation to me 1:16

  6. I Love Chicago, IL.

  7. Why is my beloved cleveland not on d list??

  8. Philly ain’t even an honorable mention what!!

  9. Obviously New York City would be #1

  10. No Memphis? Geez

  11. San Francisco is a cesspool. I'd rather visit a landfill.

  12. I love black and white people.. they are so good..😃

  13. What about Philly , Houston , Pheonix and Oklahoma City

  14. New York is Very Beautiful City

  15. My top cities that I already visited them

    New york, New york
    Chicago, Illinois
    San Francisco, California
    Philadelphia, Pensylvania
    Boston, Massachusett
    Seattle, Washington
    Miami, Florida
    Houston, texas
    Denver, Colorado
    Atlanta, Georgia
    Los angeles, California
    Washington, Distric of Columbia (DC)
    Saint Louis, Missouri
    Honolulu, Hawaii
    Baltimore, Maryland
    Detroit, Michigan
    Las vegas, Nevada
    Cleaveland, Ohio
    Pittsburg, Pensylvania
    Portland, Oregon
    Cincinnati, Ohio
    Dallas, Texas
    Sanantonio, Texas
    New orleans, Louisiana
    Memphis, Tennessee
    Richmond, Virginia
    Sandiego, California
    Orlando, Florida
    Nashvill, Tennessee
    Phoenix, Arizona
    Indianapolis, Indiana
    Minneapolis, Minesota

  16. I can’t believe that Pittsburgh is not at least an honorable mention.😡😤

  17. Udaipur, Rajasthan || Incredible India 🔴🌴

  18. San Francisco: If you like the smell of human shit in the morning, the sight of street people having an obvious mental breakdowns and stepping on used drug needles, this is the city for you.

  19. Philidelphia ?

  20. Memphis ? where is Philadelphia ? the only city in america to be listed as a world heritage sight —parts of it are like walking through the 18th century

  21. Bears and cubs, WHAT ABOUT THE BULLS! Man and I’m not even a bulls fan

  22. I love USA very much 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  23. Also, why Vegas as a must-see?! Unless you're into cheesy Vegas shows or gambling, what is there? Just empty glitz. Pshaw! You could have included Charleston, SC, or a beautiful western city in its stead!

  24. "Epi-THET, not TET." Jeez!
    Also, they mention Magazine St. but not the Garden District in New Orleans? Absurd! The Garden District is like a larger version of Savannah/Charleston, but even prettier! And Magazine Street is within its confines. Mojo don't know.

  25. Bias video poll propaganda out of California…see this recent poll that contradicts this video polling, below.. California ranked the worst.
    Miami clean? You must be kidding. Dirty as hell too. Unscientific poll.

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