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  1. Hola Mojoholics! Do you speak languages other than English? Such as:


    Coming very soon: WatchMojo India and WatchMojo Italia!

  2. What is this "English" you speak of?

  3. You need to learn alien language . . .

  4. Spanish = latin

  5. Guyanese do not speak hindi , they speak Crayol

  6. Wow so many amazing famous MPB songs they had to chose Luan Santana to represent the portuguese language? Oh God… bossanova fathers are probably beating themselves in the grave..

  7. I speak Afrikaans, it's one of the youngest languages today (only officially getting recognized in the early 1900s) and it shows the most potential in the entertainment industry as English-language media in Southern Africa is facing stiff competition from Afrikaans media, especially the Afrikaans music industry. English is also widely spoken as a second language for Afrikaners and Afrikaans is a popular second language for English-speaking South Africans. Afrikaans is a Germanic language that was born out of Dutch after Dutch settlers arrived in Southern Africa in the 1600s. By the late 1800s, Afrikaans (then known as Kitchen Dutch) was already widely spoken but it was only officially recognized as a language separate from Dutch in the 1900s. While there aren't many native speakers internationally, the language is currently experiencing a growth rate (5.98mil native speakers in 2001 compared to 7.2mil as of 2016) in Southern Africa. Afrikaans is on the rise and it will be a useful language to learn in the future, plus it is an easy language to learn.

  8. I only speak two languages, I don't know if I want to add another to my list.

  9. I just want to learn english, because german are my motherlanguage.

  10. Wtf.English is the easiest language to learn.

  11. I can speak quite a bit of chinese

  12. welp. the same list of the most spoken.. with a little changes.. interesting

  13. My first language is Hindi and then English!!!now tell me other languages which I should learn!!

  14. Sugoi Ochin-chin

  15. I can speak….

  16. I know English, Japanese, little bit Korean ,Nepali and Hindi.

  17. Italian…. 🇮🇹

    We created everything give us some respect

  18. English MF do you speak it lmao

  19. Russian hebrew and English (soon arabic, japanese, chinese and Spanish) 😀

  20. If you master Filipino language, you have 99 percent that you'll be fluent in any other language. One of advantages of being a Filipino speaker

  21. Spanish is sexy

  22. Vaya que video mas informativo, alguien mas habla español?

  23. Brasil melhor país
    Português melhor língua

  24. Let's see I can speak :
    বাংলা (Mother Tongue)
    English (Second Language)
    हिंदी (Language of neighbouring country)
    Español (Thought the language was cool,which it is)
    Deutsch (My father learned it and passed it down to me)

  25. I speak English Spanish and Italian. So I think I am good. Although I might try Portuguese someday.

  26. Swahili… Or any African language…

  27. I d like to learn english! But this is so hard to me!

  28. Russian less useful than Japanese? You are tripping

  29. No African language 😔

  30. Yeah I'd kill to speak German and French now I'm taking lessons.

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