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  1. 8:08 LMFAO that sound he makes

  2. Tanning bed kill is my favorite in the final destination series.

  3. The last one i loved

  4. 0:49 she literally lost her fucking mind

  5. "Mature content" yet still bleeping the swearing

  6. Where’s my bitch terry?

  7. I am afraid to when to die and how to die 😨😨

  8. I watched all of them

  9. I like how this vid gets red flagged and still gets 8 mill views

  10. Gymnastic death was the worst.. Yurk!!

  11. I from indonesia…

  12. good blood

  13. Could the guy at the pool just take his trunks off?

  14. Nr. 5 is too hard

  15. how do you literally hit a window and fall right through it

  16. Tbh I'm happy Nora died,cause now she can be in the after life with her son tim and husband

  17. Death Idea: The setting is on the street where there’s a trash can on the sidewalk. Someone carelessly throws a soda can at the trash can and, no surprise, misses, causing the can to roll onto the road. A car runs over it and crashes into a stop sign which falls over and splits the victim’s face in half.

  18. Who feels sorry for Billy

  19. You have reached your Final destination DEATH

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