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  1. OMG… I hate almost everyone in this video.

  2. If Sam Pepper was black, white people would have lynched him, sorry i couldn't help saying that. That's white privilege!

  3. 1.5 billion people worldwide speak English. Those two comedy vloggers have 2.3 billion views.

  4. Wait, the narrator is Jim? He has such a good narrator voice!

  5. Such an awesome documentary. It makes me want to vlog even more and vlog even harder.

  6. And this one, as of Febuary 2019, has been viewed 613,805 timse

  7. Nice documentary on you tubers.

  8. First half of video was genuinely a good documentary/narrative of how the vlogger bunch made it big and referenced their experiences that led them to do what they have achieved. But then, halfway through, the narrative was eclipsed by gender-fluid, hyper sensitive, ultra dramatic crybabies who have to share their problems with the world, thus, changing the nature of this documentary from a story about success stories to a sounding board for lost, emotionally delicate millennial (you were probably thinking it, yes), "snowflakes", that need emotional counseling. Here is a hint: More than 90% of the world population has had more than one very dreaded, sad, emotionally traumatizing, spiritually challenging experience in their lives that left a little mark on their souls – possibly even a gaping wound in their hearts. No reason to create 7 billion videos for everyone to bleed their tears into YouTube. Find something to be thankful for and talk about how that has shaped your life for the better.

  9. Low class saddo garbage.

  10. No, just no… Why in the world would I watch someone's life?!? It is called voyeurism.
    I have mine life that I'm very happy about and I don't need someone else bullshit.

  11. Don’t forget nala

  12. when your madame tussauds-self sits on a bed, you know your accomplishments in life dont have much significance for mankind

  13. in my mind: british accent sounds so fancy and educated
    after the intro: british accent sounds retarded.. and somewhat narcissistic

  14. most of them are complete arseholes, I wouldn't waste my time watching them, why watch them haven't YOU got a life

  15. All the adds on this video is really ruining the experience of watching this video. 😔

  16. What about Charles Trippy the Guinness world record holder for consecutive daily vlogs

  17. Nicely done!

  18. Very interesting and well made documentary! Definitely an eye opening video a year later with scummy youtubers like the Paul Brothers and many others going down a downward spiral due to the "fame" getting to their heads. Hope there will be a part 2 to this with the update of demonetizations and the viner refugees turned youtubers!

  19. Fast Forwarded through Tyler…..zzzzzzzzzz The narcissism displayed in this video is pathological. Me,me,me,me,me…

  20. Talks about advert

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