Hey guys!
Finally, we managed to head to Jeju island for a couple of days. It took less than 2 hours to get there from Shanghai. Jejudo is a wonderful island (nicknamed Korean Hawaii) and in my opinion one of the most beautiful places in Korea!
Check out my Jeju island adventures. My favorite places to go, eat and sleep (sometimes even swim. outside. in DECEMBER!)

#korea #jeju #제주

Better to download KAKAO MAP to get around the island


1. Kensington Jeju Hotel


2. Jeju Sunshine Hotel

3. Gudeouk Guesthouse

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  1. One of my favourite Jeju island vlogs ^^

  2. Nice to meet you.
    I am a YouTuber who introduces travel to Korea.
    Thank you for the video clip introducing Korea.
    Your video is really pretty.
    Also, please watch my video to introduce Korea travel destination.
    Thank you!👍❤

  3. What song on 3:18 ?

  4. What is the transportation card called?

  5. im going to Jeju soon! great vlog, im subscribe!

  6. Amazing! I came to Jeju 4 times and I know the Kensington Jeju Hotel.

  7. I must visit there its beautiful.Oh and i subscribed btw thanks

  8. so did you guys rent a car or took the public transit the whole time?

  9. Nice travel vlog girl! Great place!

  10. Your vlog is amazing and the edit is really cool!! i love

  11. Яка ж у тебе шикарна вимова, Влада)
    Нічого, що я українською?)
    Відео з квадрокоптера просто заворожують і взагалі картинка дуже приємна)
    Побільше переглядів і підписників тобі)

  12. For love ♥️

  13. You have made some real good investment in your vlog. Do you edit all these by yourself? Also is your whole trip to Shanghai and Jeju sponsored by someone else. I so want to visit these places 💓

  14. This is the first video from Jeju Island and there's gonna be more. Leave any questions about Jeju in the comment section and I'll answer in the next vid!

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