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  1. If I had a week to live, I would be killing all kkk members in existance.

  2. What would I do in my last week of life, hmm, I'm not quite sure. I'd try to live many different experiences. Sky diving, saving someone's life, drugs, go to a Metallica concert, start a bar fight, the last thing I'd probably want to happen is for my organs to save someone else if at all possible.

  3. THANK U!! I have two mom's and I always get hate. And what I've been trying to say Is EXACTLY what Ana said,"if it doesn't hurt or effect you, then let them do what makes them happy." This world has gone to crap, I mean look at Jazz! All her hate just because she wants to be a girl! I'm so sure that she isn't hurting anybody. But people want to murder her because she is Transgender.umm she is a kid who was a boy now is a girl. Soo why do you wanna kill her? The world may never know!

  4. I would spend as much time with my kids as I could. Although I would take some of that time to go jump out of a plane. As for the time I spent with my kids, I would take them to Disneyland and go to a beach near the ocean so that my kids, husband and I could all see the ocean for the first time.

  5. If I had a week to live? That's too tempting. The max I could get is a week in jail.

  6. FUCKLOADS of lsd and basejumping and shit

  7. Well first, I would kiss and have sex with a girl for the first time then I would rob a bank and give my family everything they have always wanted then on my last day I would do as many backflips on my bike while falling from the biggest building while doing a live broad cast on my GoPro.

  8. If I had one week to live, I'd trip on acid, mushrooms, peyote and ayahuasca in the mountains of southwest Colorado. Goin' out like Huxley!

  9. I would hunt a dangerous predator, maybe a bear, with only a knife in hand.  It's on!

  10. I would say bad things to my teachers

  11. What the hell is wrong with people?  If someone's dying, let hem smoke crack drop acid and shoot heroin all at the same time if they want.

  12. Heroin. Bundles and bundles of heroin. I'd be shooting up until it killed me. Oh, did I mention heroin.

  13. Great steaks? You must mean steaks with the texture of cake. Because in Texas for $10 that's what you get. In Ohio for $10 you get shoe leather.

  14. I'm with Meghan as much bad food and sex as possible. And drugs. 

  15. Interesting how the skinny girls all want to eat reclessly corndogs and cookie dough. If they would give in to those indulges now then it might not be a priority their last week on earth.

  16. Spend two days with my family, thank them for what they have done for me. Tear up all my homework and anything that has got to do with study matters. Go to New York and spend my last days there. Go to all the Taylor Swift concerts I could possibly go to. And I would try to meet her. If I couldn't, I would break into her house just to get a glimpse of her. Even if I get arrested, I'm gonna die anyways. At the same time, eat all the bubble gum I could eat because gum is illegal where I live. And I would get drunk. Spend all my savings on clothes, and spending all my money on online stuff like you know, in games you can purchase coins. Also, I would take all my pets with me to New York. My cats and my dog. And I would eat like a pig because I wouldn't have to be concerned about my weight. And I've always wanted to perform on stage. If I would have the opportunity, I would just go on stage and sing. Let it all out. And just eat gummy bears uncontrollably. Tell all the bullies that they are shit heads. And curl my hair Untill it's curly like pinkie pie. And also, I would go to a Ed sheeran concert.

  17. I'd go base jumping, do mountains of coke with Charlie sheen, hire the hottest escort I could find and take her to Paris(sex position) with my best friend, and eat an ounce of mushrooms 🙂

  18. Slice my bosses throat

  19. I think if they wanted coke or cid or ex i would be like sure no problem

  20. I would spend the last month of my life having sex with a bunch of Alenka Bikar and Sofia Vergara look alikes.

  21. I'd become a vigilante.

  22. Let them snort coke, if they are on their death bed, who Fucking cares????

  23. On my last I would be on the beach if the week is in the summer but if it in the winter rent a cabin but no matter where I'm at I'm going to smoke a shit tun of weed

  24. "Charms of the soil"? Sounds like a bad translation.

  25. Ana Kasparian just went up a few notches in my book.

  26. For all I know this week might be the last one of my life.
    I live every day with that in mind already….

  27. I'd write a whole bunch of letters full of everything that I've wanted to say to people, but didn't for whatever reason and spend time with people I care about. I don't think that in most cases when people are terminally ill they can just dance all night and eat whatever they want, so I probably wouldn't do that. Oh and I'd maybe use LSD in case I'm scared to die, so I can be at peace with it. Yeah I know, boring right?

  28. Unsafe orgies dude

  29. Probably eat a giant fucking carrot cake , and a pizza , and several 2 leiters of various sodas , uh…chocolate….lots of chocolate , white chocolate , uh , hmmm , i would want to try weed , and meth , and uh , cocaine , and maybe , have alot of fried chicken. Look , im on a diet , i eat alot of good healthy food , but god damn i would be a fucking liar if i dident want to quit.

  30. Personally, I think all races of women are beautiful, so I would have just want to have sex with women in general lol.  I would also want to spend time with my family.

  31. Moderation.  I would eat good food and smoke some weed.  Anything I do that I had not done before and enjoy will only enrage and depress me.  Imagine having a week to live so you do some acid and have an orgie on the first night.  If you love it you may be depressed for the rest of the week that you had deprived yourself of those pleasures all our life.  The week would then be the worst ever!

  32. I think it be interesting to flip this over on its' head by asking,  "If we finally conquered death and you knew you would live forever, no matter what, what would you do?"  A lot fiction has explored this question but since no one reads anymore and no one watches old science fiction TV shows and movies, it's for all intent and purposes, a brand new concept.

  33. I would go to the beach and get wild there

  34. i'd probably try a shit ton of drugs. drive really fast cars. get laid. go to parties. and meet up with ana because im latino. 

  35. I would like take my two million dollars and pur ten thousand in each envelope and drive around give one envelope to each homeless hungry people me see and then I find nice girl like ana to give hugs and say nice things, do foot massage, eat good food, and just be nice everyone I meets to say hello you are beautiful and make good friend . Then I go neet jesus and say thank you to die for sins very good god may we all be blessed. Thank you tio make oppurtunity share my story

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