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  1. I check fb or insta maybe once a week if that I used to be on it all the time but its been about a year now that I lost interest in social media just been more present in real life

  2. Who else checked social media after this

  3. Really only 30 days I have an account on one site and never use it honestly social media has never sucked me in I honestly couldn't care less what's current trends are weird and stupid and pointless

  4. I can live without social media for sure ! I broke my phone and didn’t get a new one until 9 months later it was the best thing ever ! you learn so much more and realize how beautiful the world is

  5. I quit your YouTube channel for 30 days.

  6. i only use snapchat tik tok and youtube 3 hrs a day

  7. Dont have to start with lol..

  8. koło chuja mi to lata balasie.

  9. imagine having to delete facebook

  10. What a great video!+

  11. Social media for me triggers my addiction and compulsive behaviors also just seems to overall increase anxiety and depression

  12. Matt… you could have used feature phone… and travelled to mountains

  13. Bruh I don’t wanna lose my 7 day streak

  14. wtf i average 5-6 hours a day on my phone but im still able to get work done as well as my workout, hw, meditations, and cooking. However, ik i could be way more productive if i wasnt averaging 5-6 hours lmao. PS i keep social media and anything fun off my phone during the school year.

  15. Ditched fb n twitter in 2015. No more fake birthday wishes from people who otherwise would not give two hoots about your existence

  16. I quit for 365 days

  17. Muito bom!

  18. As if 3 and a half hours….

    more like 8

  19. Says he was gonna delete his History anyway

  20. Lmao remember when YouTube had video u wanted to watch

  21. Во герой!
    Меня вообще нету в соц. сетях….Only YouTube.

  22. Quitting social media is so fucking easy it isn’t the end of the world lmao , hate how teens have that stereotype that we can’t put our phones down and be in the moment , also I can understand that might be the case for some as they’ve grew up in that generation

  23. 0:18 Lost the count for how many that've happened to me but with a big tablet lol

  24. i almost never use social media and I seem fine

  25. Я год не захожу в эти блядские соц сети и мне как то похуй…

  26. Да меня уж больше года там нет,30 дней,подумаешь,тоже мне успех,как у АА-"Я не ширяюсь уже 30 дней"и все хлопают

  27. Еще способ перестать сидеть в социальной сети. Отписываешься от всех. Лента становится пустой. Каждый раз заходишь по привычке в инстаграм – а там нет новостей. Приходит разочарование на подсознательном уровне и начинаешь отвыкать. У меня работает.

  28. My question is what do you do when your not your phone apart from working? I’m planning on deleting social media (and YouTube) for a month like you. But if I am so bored and don’t know what to do I’ll download them again.

  29. It's been a month since I left social media because I got anxiety disorder 🙂

  30. I'll doing that too, see ya one month later!

  31. я отказался от всего на целый год. В армии. Так что ты лошара

  32. "what ways can your life change?" You can have one lol.

  33. It's been 4 months for me and i feel quite cheerful and more delight doing so…

  34. Thank you Matt for this video! :DDD

  35. Спасибо братишка , годный контент

  36. Вот вам и русский комент)

  37. ive been quit since 2010…..

  38. i always check if i have everything like my keys and phone when i already closed the door behind me lfmao

  39. I quited social media for 8 months and wifi and tv. And music

  40. BORING!!!!!!

  41. Plot Twist:
    He did this to gain more subscribers on YouTube

  42. Let's give it a try!
    Wish me luck.

  43. I quit facebook and Insta 5 month ago, and I even don't wanna come back

  44. No no no

  45. I quit social media two days ago.

  46. I did the same but not because I wanted , it’s because i literally had no time and came back late wanna sleep not even thinking about social media

  47. Что? Зашёл почитать в комментарии и нашёл русский комментарий?

  48. i did it for 6 moths

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