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  1. I’m 10 and I’ve been to Kyiv,Odessa,Lviv,Miami,Upstate New York,New Jersey,Philadelphia,Boston,Dominican Republic,Cancun,Maryland,Delaware,Virginia,North Carolina,South Carolina,Georgia,Orlando,Daytona and Jacksonville.

  2. Traveled to Western Europe recently by myself. I’m glad I did but there was definitely hardship involved too. One day I learned that you can’t win.. I tried to pull money out of an ATM and basically it stole $580 from me and it’s been a battle trying to get my money. I’ll have to consider it a huge loss and a lesson to not do large transactions with unfamiliar banks at grocery store ATMs, I guess. But a Venezuelan girl I met on my way to Belgium had her backpack with everything in it stolen. That to me would be way worse! Especially because of her situation.. Venezuela going through the crisis and everything.. I can’t imagine. So yes traveling can be unexpectedly unfortunate at times but I try to focus on the good as well. I found a nice home in Swansea and had a wonderful time there.. I wanted to live there. Edinburgh was a great time as well. Amsterdam was chill and trippy. Cologne stole my heart and I had a short lived fling with a beautiful English girl there.. sadly, she doesn’t talk to me anymore. I guess she found a guy close to her with an easier situation. I get it. Maybe one day I’ll meet a girl close to me and our situation just works well and we never give up on it. Anyways, this is just a comment about my recent experience traveling solo for a month. There will always be some pros and cons and yes it was expensive and I got ripped off many times but I got the experience and that to me is priceless. I now feel more confident in seeing the world and more educated on how the world operates. I think everyone should try it and see what happens and continue to live with no regrets.

  3. Tom from Croatia I want to marry you!

  4. Awesome…i always wish to travel the word but i couldn't.but you bro…you gave me hope…of course to , i m going to travel the word starting from my city..

  5. I'm a girl and my family won't alow me to do it

  6. Damn how you guys doing this I have a lot of question I wish I can

  7. I'm 16 I think to leave home and start a travelling planning some people tell me it's wrong but I don't Cara I just need to master my English and then start the ride

  8. Never hitchhiked never picked up a hitchhiker

  9. One of the best things I did, as soon as I graduated from college, was to travel alone the World for two years. I hitchhiked, took trains, whatever was available. Slept in many places, including on mountains. I carried a tent with me all the time. Looking back I have to count my blessings, I’m still here. It’s much safer for a guy to travel than a young girl, but I did it anyway. The cure for prejudice = travel. Be safe, don’t travel at night, Ladies don’t accept rides with two or more men, don’t walk the streets at night alone, be careful no one spikes your drink and bring an all purpose Swiss army night so you can eat anywhere. Go now while you are young!

  10. It fills me with determination

  11. get a job

  12. Pasport. How did you gitt a passport to travail the world. Passport is the ticket

  13. Why is this video prevented from sharing on FB?

  14. 7:23 ..lmao this guy is fckin hilarious 😂😂😂😂

  15. beg packers getting motivated

  16. My boyfriend and I want to travel the world. I am super excited to do it but I am also scared we might get stranded in a foreign land without any money. This video has really opened my eyes to a way of life without having to worry. It seems so easy to make money for this guy on the road, I hope it's as easy for us. Wish us luck! I will definitely be documenting our travels if we actually go through with it.

  17. salute great sharing dude the 3rd option of balancing was knowledge thanks

  18. His sense of humor is far better than a lot of stand-up comedians.

  19. I am 10 and I’ve been traveling since I was 2 months old I’ve been to Dominican Republic,Mexico,Washington D.C,Florida,Virginia,Boston,New York city,Kyiv,Lviv,Odessa,upstate NY,Canadian border,thousand islands, and New Jersey.

  20. wow! i wish i could travel like this

  21. best thing to travel not to travel . coz someone might kill you 😄😁😃😄😄😋😋

  22. Your story is amazing simply because there are not many….actually, I don t think there more than a dozen Balkan people who travel or have traveled the world the way you have and I truly hope your experience will encourage some at least.

  23. 1. have a European passport
    2. have an american passport

  24. india is best

  25. But how did you do with visas? Did you get all the visas in advance? Did you get them at ambassady on the way?

  26. Am I the only person here from parents "don't simply go out and lose money""😢😢

  27. "how to be a bum".

    LOL. bums get their asses kicked where I live

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