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  1. What are the giant rat things? Were you not afraid that they would bite you? Wow, that water is so clear! Nice apartment; how much did that cost to rent?

  2. Really nice shots, I enjoyed your video a lot. And that beach, beautiful!

  3. awww oh my gosh what were those cute animals right before 2:00? Loved the vibes with the music, biking and sunshine!! The blue water looks so refreshing!!

  4. So many cool places you visited on this trip! I really like the music and your editing style. What kind of animals are they with that guy sat on the floor.

  5. love the edit!!! music is also good… i wanna try the bike part..looks really cool exploring the place in bike 😀

  6. Had to come see this video because I've just put up my video series on Freo and Rottnest Island! They're awesome aren't they! And when people think of Australia beaches they often don't even think about WA but honestly that's where some of the best are!! 🙂

  7. 1:43 Everything to make the right selfie hahaha

  8. I enjoyed watching your passport's journey through the airport. Creative bit of shooting there 🙂 Your colour grading is awesome! Omg that little guy at 1:45. So damn cute! What a total poser. OK… yep, those beaches are stunning.

  9. Never heard of these places before but man I want to head to Australia some day so man things to see and experience. Those look like some pretty gorgeous beaches to check out. Loved the brewery my kind of place!

  10. Been to Perth a few times a great place to relax. Only found out a little while ago Little Creatures was in Fremantle gutted we never went.

  11. Little Creatures! Love their beers! Cycling around Rottnest looks like a lot of fun, gotta get that Quokka selfie of course. The beaches look amazing, the colour of the water is insane…

  12. I like your style of visuals this is given me some inspiration for my future video's! Thanks

  13. Great hyperlapse! You guys executed that really well. I really like the style and quality in this I'm looking forward to seeing more of your work.

  14. Love your hyperlapses on the way to the beach. Those cuties at 01:52 😍! So lovely! Cool mood & tonality! Keep it up, Davy! Doris & Matthias 🐻

  15. Excuse the extra bit of footage for the hotel rooms at the Seashells Fremantle 04:13 😀

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