Check out the best places to live in the world ! This top 10 list of most amazing and beautiful places on earth to visit as a tour ist or to settle in longterm should be on everyone’s bucket list!

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10. Volcán, Panama
Volcán in Panama, also called the Shangri-La Valley, is one of the healthiest and most beautiful places in the world . It’s a popular location for people searching for a low cost of living and stunning scenery, but there’s more to this place than the mountains. Something about Volcán means that residents tend to live for far longer than you would expect based on the life expectancy of the rest of the country, with people often living well into their 80’s or 90’s.
This is likely due to the lifestyle you can enjoy here. Volcán is in the Chiriquí province, which is also known as Panama’s breadbasket, and provides about 80% of Panama’s produce. Farms of all sizes grow pretty much anything you could ever want. With constant spring-like temperatures, thermal springs, and fresh food that includes seafood, eggs and fruits; people that live here exist in a bubble of serenity and health. This is, of course, helped by the surrounding landscape, national parks and a wide variety of wildlife that makes it one of the best bird-watching locations in the whole of Panama.

9. Sardinia, Italy
The island of Sardinia is one of the first places in the world to be identified as a blue zone, a place that holds the world ’s longest living people. It’s actually the place that has the highest concentration of male centenarians, with nearly ten times as many per capita than there are in the United States.
The reason why the people here live so long is a combination of their genetic traits along with their lifestyle, and it’s a great place to live. Not just if you want to live longer but because of their quality of life. They tend to keep things simple and have low stress! Life shouldn’t be so complicated! Islanders still hunt, fish and harvest all of the food that they eat, with a diet based around whole grain bread, beans, lots of vegetables and fruits, goat’s milk and cheese. They only tend eat meat on special occasions. The island is also a wonderful place to walk around and explore, and with their close community involvement and love for wine, you could do worse than to make this place your home.

8. Costa Rica
With cloud forests at five thousand feet, to glorious white sandy beaches, Costa Rica has everything you could want from a place to live. Add to this the bustling cities full of entertainment and culture, reliable infrastructure, and good health care, it’s no wonder that it’s a popular destination for expats and people looking to relocate looking for a better quality of life.
The happy planet index, which measures human well-being and environmental impact, ranks Costa Rica as one of the best places in the world to live. This is the result of a unique way of life in the country. For example, since 1949 their constitution has forbidden them from having an army, and it’s the location of the United Nations University for Peace. There’s also an impressive life expectancy, and a literacy rate of 97.8 per cent.
Everything is relatively cheap here too, although housing has gone up since it is popular with expats, and there’s no end of wondrous sights. Despite taking up 0.03 per cent of the planet, over 5% of the world ’s biodiversity can be found here in the numerous protected forests and reserves that are full of hummingbirds, sloths and plenty more.

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  1. Have any of you guys been to one of these places? How was it?

  2. The image at 5:16 is not Auckland.

  3. I’m from Miami it’s nice I love it here bc I was born here n I’m kinda used to living here but besides that the negative side of Miami is very populated dare are many bad drivers here so be careful if your driving here n it never snows here especially here bc it is technically Florida n if u ever take an Uber be ready bc sometimes your Uber may not speak a lick of English which is kinda stupid but u might have to put up with it I always give all my Uber drivers 5 star rating bc I guess I do speak Spanish fluently n I wish I can learn how to speak other languages like Mandarin fluently n maybe also Russian or Hebrew too n Korean that would be so great to know those languages I think n I’m bilingual obv Mastered Spanglish over the years thank god it’s very liable to know n etc. n I believe I am missing the humidity n super hot weather here it’s a killer so make sure your AC works here or if your gonna move here I don’t recommend getting a tan artificially bc if the pretty nice beaches here u can easily enjoy nice pools n beaches here even for free n that’s great n btw the beaches here in the Atlantic is also warm to the touch but if u surf u wouldn’t like it bc dare aren’t any big waves to surf on here n I guess that’s it I’m done have a nice day bye

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