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  1. Iceland is by far one of the most beautiful and unique countries that I've visited. Remember, these are more guidelines than strict laws and I'm sure you'll have an awesome time there. For a full list of restaurant recommendations and attractions check out my article here:

  2. And the tap water is CLEAN SO THAT'S A LIE and iceland has the cleaning water so lies you can see steam in some water and you can make hot chocolate

  3. cool video dude. Climbing that glacier is freakin amazing!

  4. “Don’t tip” – Applies to almost all countries 😂

  5. One of our local 10/11s recently got renamed to Krambúðinn, and it's basically the same as it was before.

  6. Do you know $30 is not really not much money in iceland

  7. Omg im from iceland 😮

  8. Lived in Iceland for two years in 90's while in the USAF. Totally get the don't tip rule but everything else on your list is questionable. Especially the ones about don't buy bottled water, don't visit the Blue Lagoon, and don't expect a party. Buying a bottle of water when you're thirsty is much more convenient than tapping your own into your personal thermos. How can you "tour" Iceland without at least one visit to the Blue Lagoon? That makes no sense to me. And the nightlife downtown is as good as anywhere I've ever lived. Oh sure, it's not as extensive as New York or Paris or Tokyo; but you won't have to try too awful hard to have a good time. A good time will find you if late night drinks and dancing is your thing. The other thing I would question is your statement about don't take tours. I think if you've never been there before, taking one of the guided tours is the BEST option to introduce you to Iceland. After you get the lay of the land and sort of kind of know which way is up so-to-speak, then grab a rental car. But first time, first day? A tour is the way to go.

  9. Standing on the middle of the road like on the thumbnail is a big no no.

  10. whatever

  11. 3:10 don't mind me walking by inside Hlemmur

  12. 2:16 translation
    hello hi im looking for my bitch hæ YouTube sent hér

  13. There aren’t any highway on Iceland, The speed limit never come out over 90kph

    Our country if you ride on the mountain road, speed limit is 30-40kph. I’m so jealous

  14. Tipping is one of the many gifts USA has given to the world….. Pathetic

  15. i live on iceland and… wait why am i watching this i KNOW this so 😆😆

  16. Easy to follow rule Nr.1 since I don't do tip

  17. no fines are 195 USD that's like a parking ticket compared to the speeding fines. Speeding fines go waaaay up to like 900 USD if not more

  18. I avoided the Blue Lagoon for it's over-developedness and prices. Instead, I went way north to Lake Myvatn where there is another Blue Lagoon, much smaller but equally amazing. Also, there is a volcano cone nearby that is an easy hike. Loved Iceland!

  19. I loved Iceland. The people were nice, the scenery amazing, the vibe pleasant. Akureryri was a great surprise and a pleasant place to spend time. Finally, the hot dogs. All the guidebooks talk about the amazing Icelandic hotdog like it is the national dish. I tried four of them in different parts of the country and well, meh. Not an outstanding hotdog, friends.

  20. Don't expect a party? Really? It is one of the best cities to party I have seen. And it is well known for that.

  21. hw to do for to join u there ?!

  22. Gooood! Is there any Iceland guy who can help me? reply me😊

  23. I lived there for 4 months, and all I can say is go for the nature, not the culture. The people who promote the place try to up-sell it tremendously, but the reality is that the people are quite unhappy, the food is not very good, and the weather will really start to get to you before long. Everything there is quite inconvenient for an expat, so don't stay longer than 2 weeks. There is no non-stop Euro party in Reykjavik, so get that out of your head. However you will absolutely love the natural beauty of the country. You can get decent food if you go to nice restaurants, but don't expect it to be the greatest food of your life. Lastly I would advise spending as little time in Reykjavik as possible, and more time in Akureyri or Egilstadur.

  24. Only 90 km/h?

    cries in German

  25. Yes you can speed if you're not an idiot. You can always tell an Icelander from a tourist by how they drive. There are signs that tell you a speed camera is about to come up. If you plan on exploring the entire island, you are not doing it goin' 90 kmh

  26. Iceland is one of the most splendid country in the world..! Also an interresting video about :

  27. Number one. DO NOT SMOKE ok lol

  28. Does Iceland know English?

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