Located in the Balkans, Croatia has become one of Europa’s top tour ist destination again since its War of Independence in the late 1990s. Like much of Europe, Croatia boasts its share of medieval cities and historic ruins, but what makes this country exceptional is its wealth of stunning natural attractions such as the Plitvice Lakes, the spectacular Adriatic coastlines and gorgeous islands. An overview of the best places to visit in Croatia.



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  1. Where is Sibenik?

  2. beautiful, bravo !

  3. Croatia is Italian Istria

  4. Croatia is bullshit

  5. im in Croatia this week !!! where to make money exchange with the best rate in split

  6. Inside Croatia … and wine zone muuuuuust seeeeeeeeee!

  7. No love for Bol on Brač island ? I would personnaly swap Hvar for it

  8. I’m from croatia

  9. Go to Jasenovac a place where croats kill 900.000 Serbs 30.000 Jews and 20.000 others. God sawe me of plake and croats and croatia.

  10. Uh this music is unnerving

  11. Расположенная на Балканах, Хорватия снова стала одним из главных туристических направлений Европы после войны за независимость в конце 1990-х годов. Как и большая часть Европы, Хорватия может похвастаться своей долей средневековых городов и исторических руин, но то, что делает эту страну исключительной, это ее богатство потрясающих природных достопримечательностей, таких как Плитвицкие озера, впечатляющие побережья Адриатического моря и великолепные острова. Обзор лучших мест для посещения в Хорватии.

  12. I am in love with Split and Dubrovnic

  13. This is a very nice channel!😊❤
    Croatia looks very beautiful to visit!😍

  14. Also goat farming in suburbs of Zagreb is so relaxing and nice experience.

  15. Wonderful country! Love it from Romania!

  16. Why is my broke ass watching this🤧😂

  17. Croatia is central-European and Mediterranean country.
    Skip global/colonial geopolitical labeling if not needed.

  18. what's the name of the melody?

  19. name of the place shows at 6:26 ?

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