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Lately, people talk a lot about ecology and it usually about sad things. Global warming, ozone holes, contamination… Ugh. But if you have already decided that there are no more clean lakes and rivers on our planet, then stop panicking! In fact, there are a lot of them, and the water in them is still so transparent that it’s practically invisible. So, in this video we will show you some places with the cleanest water in the world



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  1. This video would less annoying without whoever that composed the repetitive background music.

  2. Clear water doesnt translate to clean. Stop misinforming the public it banalises the huge ecological issue

  3. Where is Kayangan Lake and Enchanted River?

  4. Mentioning the names on description will be good

  5. Them lakes are clearer than my future 😂😂

  6. 10 beautiful places 10 million views🔥

  7. Check out dawki,MEGHALAYA, India……I'm sure you will change your mind

  8. pUpU sPrInGs

  9. Chinese have no respect for nature

  10. You should visit Enchanted River in Hinatuan in the Philippines. You can Google it 😉

  11. Soooo beautiful, keep Humans away or they'll ruin it like they do everything else! PLEASE!

  12. Don't forget the river Una in Bosnia!

  13. The pupu thing doest sound clear

  14. Go pollute now that you found it

  15. Philippines should be there i have traveled there and its one of the places that i have seen water that is crystal clear

  16. There a river in Texas where it’s crystal clear it’s pretty clean too

  17. Philipino blah blah,our countries get forgotten too

  18. Why does USA have so many clear lakes?

  19. How about the Philippines?

  20. I’m floating

  21. enchanted river philippines..

  22. Clearly you have never visited Jamaica. Try Frenchman's Cove in Portland.

  23. Blue eye Albania

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