Ever wondered what Seoul is like? South Korea is known for its rapid economic growth, but yet still having one of the most unique and diverse street food scenes in Asia! Follow me as I take you on a tour of this amazing city.

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Warm by Joey Pecoraro –
Say Good Night –
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Additional footage by: LIFE and ADVENTURE, Minji Kim, thisNatasha, and Mabeobja

a movie by Cal McKinley



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  1. There's no way I pronounced all of that correctly but it was worth a shot! Hope you liked the video!

  2. Your videos are great. Could I suggest, though, when you stop off at a place, politely asking one of the locals to help you with how to say the name? Good vids, otherwise, though.

  3. The first fish lady said you're handsome lol

  4. It is Corndog.

  5. great video 🙂
    Everyone come visit South Korea!

  6. But if it's 30°, why are you wearing so much clothes?

  7. Thank you for including so much history ! (:

  8. 8:02 Does anyone know why there is some similarity (i know it's not identical) to the sign from world war 2? Is there even a context?

  9. Nice vid.

  10. great video!

  11. Don’t be fooled by tourist tricks and gimmicks and fake Asian culture. There are many places to go in Asia so you want to find the place that gives you the best experience for your money and the safest travel. Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia are good choices.

  12. Thank you so much for all those detailed information! Kept notes for my trip this year! Glad there are such well-made videos here on YouTube!

  13. Did y’all hear SHINee’s song ring ding dong in the beginning of the video?

  14. korea looks so much more advanced than the USA>

  15. This is one of the most underrated channels in Youtube… Love the vibes and flows!

  16. great video!! I can view Korea from a different angle with this video 🙂

  17. Love to South korea💜💜💜💜from India 🇮🇳🇮🇳💜

  18. I'm trying to plan a trip to seoul and this was super useful! Thank you!

  19. Great video! A few more comments from my point of view – Bukchon became too touristic over the past years. Palaces are always must-sees. Itaewon is not here, but classic. Actually Hannam-dong side of Itaewon is worth visiting.

  20. How long did you stay in Séoul and at what time of the year ? planing to go in octobre

  21. Thanks Cal ! Your shot are so helpful and make me feel so much relax ! Don't worry about your pronunciation coz I wrote down every single location you put in this video. Can't wait for my Seoul Trip in mid of September 2018 !

  22. what a beautiful country beautiful city i wanna visit there someday

  23. Yo you ought to do one about things to do during the fucking summers here. Half this shit is too hard to do during the summer.

  24. Great video! When in Seoul I also recommend taking a train to the Suwon (수원) just to the south of Seoul. The fortress is very beautiful. You can take a long walk on the old wall. Very nice. In Seoul itself I recommend every temple because of the green there. A good break from all the concrete and smog of the city. I loved the National Museum of Korea. I really miss Seoul..

  25. Great Video Cal

  26. Try Algeria you won't regret it

  27. I love Seoul! the balance between the old and state of the art technology is excellent in Seoul !

  28. How do you not have more subs? Your content rocks!

  29. Hey Cal! What inspired you to become a traveller? I'll remember your tips when I manage to become one as well! ✌️🇲🇽

  30. cool video 👍
    the content are rich
    and the vibe really increase your interest

    you should post more
    or travel more 😅
    that way will increase your subs..

    i see a potential there..

  31. The whole world is going to invade Asia

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