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  1. Am I the only one that's wondering where she got her lipbalm with the flowers in???? Ps ily xx

  2. I always bought my makeup

  3. Love you

  4. what ever happened to that room tour lol

  5. please do a "room tour"

  6. Where is her bag from?

  7. Boyfriend tag

  8. Annie's bag is sooooooooo nice

  9. Hello Anie i love 😍😍😍😘😘😘

  10. can you do a "thrifting video" and a "room tour" and also a "whats in my polaroid book".

  11. One thing I always have in my bag is a pen

  12. Something that is always in my bag are my earbuds 😂👏

  13. Annie taking last bite of otter pop: immediate regret 😄

  14. Is anyone wondering where her AirPods went? Annie u are the worlds best person and u are so nice and pretty😻🥰❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  15. Makeup routine!!

  16. I always have my wallet in my bag

  17. My phone charger

  18. Cutie❤️

  19. Annie you should do a makeup video

  20. Something I always have in my bag is a book for reading because it's so boring sometimes and my gum. I luv gum! Anyway, Annie I luv this vid! It was so funny.

  21. why is she over excited lol

  22. the one thing I always have in my bag (or two lol) is my phone and my wallet

  23. What happend to Annie's horse luna?


  25. What’s in my makeup bag plzzzzzz

  26. Hi could you answer this question please. You speak spanish?

  27. its so freaking weird i was the 17th person to watch this video crazzy

  28. annie you should do a room tour

  29. What type of phone do you have.

  30. Hi I'm 8 I'm you biggest fan… your the best

  31. Room tour plssssss🥺🤩🦋🤙🏼🧸🥰💙

  32. did you start ur perido yet?? if so do you have “supplies” in that bag?? because that is one thing i can never forget

  33. phone and my wallet

  34. Who else thought FETUS Annie when they saw the thumbnail 🤭😭

    Btw fetus meaning young

  35. Who knows where she got her bag?

  36. 4.5 mil subs and all do what ever you want i will send you the fudges.

  37. Plesseeee do a makeup tutorial (especially because it’s back to school) or what’s in my makeup bag

  38. Plz do a boyfriend tag

  39. Video Ideas!!
    Room Tour
    Whats in my Polaroid Case
    any video with Asher (boyfriend tag, etc.)
    Skin Care routine

  40. room tour plzzzz!

  41. Theme of the day!: Pink, Purple Blue & White!! Yayy!!

  42. Hey i gotta question

  43. Do you know that Allison from sister forever loves you I do too I love both of yall

  44. Love u Annie so much from Kuwait 🇰🇼 💜💜💜

  45. I need a book inside my back pack

  46. The one thing i always take with me is my credit card cause you never know

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