“I’m in London, b*tch.”

Special thanks to Rose and Blanc Tea Room.
Instagram: @roseandblanctearoom

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UK wall socket and cord on blue wall
lolostock/Getty Images
Beverly Hills Palm Tree lined streets
Mitch Diamond/Getty Images
Busy day on Regent street with crowds of people and cars, London, England, UK
Alexander Spatari/Getty Images
Message chat bubbles vector icons for messenger. Template for message chat. Vector illustration.
IIIerlok_Xolms/Getty Images
Black smartphone with insagram on screen. Modern design. Vector illustration. EPS10.
Alexander Mikhailov/Getty Images
London seamless pattern
yelet/Getty Images
View of the large and fast three line airliners flying among the clouds in the blue sky – vector
FORGEM/Getty Images



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  1. 13:01 SUCH a good look for Jazz. STU-NN-ING! 😍

  2. that person who sent lindsay a dm in the tea room must be so proud

  3. Does Jazz have a tooth piercing or is that a thing for like dental hygiene or something idk? 😂

  4. -i look like an egg.
    -i look like your egg's dad.

  5. you guys should go on a trip and then cover up like ur still in la

  6. I hope you do come to London cause it would be so fun I might even get to meet you!!!!

  7. Lindsay's hair in the beginning is awful. It does not flatter her at all

  8. What job do they have?

  9. Why is Lindsey always wearing hair pins

  10. 2:20 her accent is so hot 😫🥰

  11. Why does Linz look like Jennifer Aniston at 2:34

  12. 11:47 noticed one direction
    Other things in back:2%
    12:29 concentrated on the word one direction and one thing:99%
    Seeing other words:1%
    1d fans👍👍👍👍👍👇👇👇👇👇

  13. The museum you went to is The Getty Museum if I’m right and I should be because I went there for a field trip

  14. Does anybody get the same "dying" add??

  15. Why did I think this was adele in the thumbnail

  16. i used to do this all the time. when it was like spring break or something and all my friends had plans, i’d be like “yea my family’s going to florida.” and pretend like i’m in florida lmao

  17. “Man,I don’t wanna hang out with this guy”

    “Wait,I know! I’ll just fake that I’m going to an entirely different country

  18. 7:40 i love the tea room photo shoot 😆

  19. Lol I actually got back from London for my sister's wedding last Thursday 😂

  20. The fact the the vid was posted on March 31

  21. they get the best of both worlds

  22. I live in London ❤️❤️

  23. My name is Lindsey lol.

  24. 7:30 thats ruby from the great britush baking show

  25. It'd be easy for me to fake being in London because I live in Northern Ireland and I just got back from a real trip to London

  26. Omg!!!
    How did I fall for this???

  27. 10:43 The person that said they were just there at the museum…lmao. They lyinnnnggg!!!!

  28. 10:04 does she have a star tooth?

  29. The moment they started taking pics at the museum, I immediately was like: THAT'S THE GETTY CENTER, YOU AIN'T FOOLING ME XD

  30. “Lieing is not for us”
    Fakes trip to London

  31. Do you have a handy cap thingy

  32. I live in London! :p

  33. If i was a really known person i would just do something like this to see if someone whould try to break in my house

  34. Did anyone else notice that they used Natalie’s outlet

  35. Americans..

  36. 4:03 OMG!! I'm not the only one that likes my own pics!! #mood

  37. They are sipping all that tea like literally 😂☕️

  38. They should actually go

  39. 13:14 they had to ruin the fun :/

  40. Why? What is the point of this?

  41. I should do Australia lol I am late

  42. this me and my bff –

  43. Sis it was 102°f In London a couple weeks ago it may aswell be California

  44. Geez the black one is so gay geeeez

  45. People believed it because they don't give an f what you do with your lives lol wake up girls

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