Visited the infamous Bob Hall Pier. A must see! Great food & fishing.

My name is Mike and I travel around with my dog Sober in my 2003 F450 Class C SunSeeker with a v10 engine, living on the road. I also started a relationship with a woman named Marlo who after being together with for around a year, sold her house and bought her own class A rig to join me on the road travel ing. My dog Sober’s name has nothing to do with drinking, it is her personality. She is always calm and Sober!

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I got my dog named Sober in Slab City in 2013. Her name was Sober when I got HER. It has nothing to do with drinking. It’s just her personality.

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  1. lame whiny kind of guy…sad.

  2. you complain too damn much and two mind your own business. those families can enjoy themselves however they please.

  3. I'm the same kind of "vegetarian" ….but if I had to kill a fish or watch it happen I would never eat it…so i guess I'm a hypocrite of sorts…oh well. ..

  4. I was in a hurry the day I went to Walmart parking lot. The briefly hello to Papa and immediately after that I heard him say I'll be right back Marlo. It completely sucks if I did not have time stop and meet of y'all. I remember a second rig hook him in the parking lot. I do know at this point the video is loaded two weeks ago and it was quite a bit before that a month month-and-a-half. Little bit of information about Bob Hall Pier it used to it one point if I have my back script go out one mile it's nowhere near that long now that one time it was made out of wood hurricane Celia in 1970 removed. When it was rebuilt it was made with those concrete blocks. The idea is they drive a vehicle on Lyft the blocks out call them up on the shore before the hurricane comes in. Because that's what not the fear down is the deck. The reason that they moved is because they're not actually attached so they can be removed. It is a long way off the water that is how bad storm surge can be. I did not know that about the naming of the pier I'm going to go do some research. But that sucks I didn't get to meet all of y'all. Yes I do live in Corpus

  5. Just need to tell you I liked this video!

  6. You need to go see the dolphins around the Port Aransas ferry! Dont miss Goose Island State park and that incredible oak tree there around Rockport.
    I used to fish at that pier. Surfers are right there where they fish for shark 😆

  7. "A Vegetarian that eats fish." There is no such thing. What I liked about Mike's channel was that he shared things he learned on the road. If he made a mistake, he owned it and put the correction up on the video. Marlo is considered a Pescetarian, not Vegetarian. Just the facts… Fish is meat.

  8. I grew up swimming there by the pier. One year (the story goes) some men snuck out to the end of the pier, and dumped buckets of blood to attract the big sharks at high tide. We were not allowed to go in the water for some time because of it. You didn’t have to pay back then, and it wasn’t monitored…..just a really long pier. 🙂

  9. Robert Lee Hall, known as Bob Hall, is an American politician who is a Republican member of the Texas State Senate.

  10. I worked in Galveston a few years love that area. Great beaches.

  11. Good video

  12. You gotta come hear to Philly for a proper cheese steak. Pat's or Geno's is place you need to visit!

  13. Please call it what it is Marlowe. Better to educate the public than misinform. As a Vegetarian, it is very frustrating when friends, associates, and restaurants add fish products, oils, etc. to my meal assuming it's okay due to misleading definitions of a Vegetarian. As you enjoy eating in the comfort that red meat is not on your plate, I'm sure you would agree. it would be nice if Vegetarians don't have to worry about fish products on theirs. It's very sad when I have to tell a friend or associate, I can't eat the meal they prepared because they were misled to believe Vegetarians eat fish.

  14. The meat she is cutting off the shark is the best part to make bait for other fish. That little strip above the back bone is chewy and not good to eat but it makes dantastic bait. The fish have a hard time getting it off the hook.

  15. Mike is a Ranchetarian.

  16. Glad you guys doing good. Have fun. Say hi to Sober for us.God bless

  17. Fishing pier is awesome! Waves were huge!

  18. As long as everyone respects each others food perseverance you can all eat together and enjoy each others company Life is good Looks like a fun place Keep enjoying out there

  19. Very cool, looks like you guys had fun but one of my personal pet pives is everything seems to cost the almighty $ , while that pier is nice , in places like Clearwater to Jersey shore you can go out on a pier for free and eat and shop on the pier and not pay the $9 total that you guys had to throw away – just the truth ,I like to promote great deals in our great country and not buy in to the BS. All good though, but what you think about this topic?

  20. Woooooooooooooooo : )

  21. Mike can you please tell me what system you use to monitor sober in the rig? I want to get one for my Bullmastiff dog. Would you recommend the camera and would you buy it again? Thanks there are so many I don’t know where to start. I like that you can talk to sober too.

  22. You guys Always show interesting videos and we love O'l Sober🐕

  23. My daughter is a Pescatarian and since she started the life style she no longer has to take the blood pressure medication she has been on since 12 due to kidney issue, it has changed her life health wise.

  24. You guys should go to the Sandfest at Port Aransas this up coming weekend!

  25. You’re the first one I watch when I come back from a long Easter holiday not watching any YouTube 😉 Keep on entertaining us !

  26. Once again, its been ages since I commented, but a long over-do whooowhhooo to ya! I've been following your adventures with marlo…I'm so glad you guys are having so much fun 🙂 safe travels sir & miss! Huggs to ya both – Brian – One Year Out Productions

  27. I miss cookin with Mike

  28. I’m sorry. I label Mike a meat eater. Lol

  29. South Padre Island is even more beautiful! 2 1/2 hours South from CC, TX.

  30. Those are Gulf waves, smaller than Atlantic waves !!

  31. Marlo, make Mike wear sunscreen

  32. mistake got sick on steak tv dinner..last night // when married I was a strict Vegetarian for 10 years..Now just like Marlo ? I was lazy last night..eatting awful TV dinner.. little chicken maybe but Beef usually makes me sick. Miss my ex who use to cook great veggie meals .

  33. That was a fun day. Like walking on big piers. Beach was packed. Lunch looked tasty. Great answer Marlow. Way cool that you can check on Sober. 😊👍

  34. You are a worry wart buddy, relax a little please

  35. That was a nice experience walking out on a pier with you & Marlo. Wow that was neat how you could check on Sober.  From a quiet beach one day to that many people the following day? That was a lot of people on that beach! You could tell you had a nice long day with your faces red. After that delicious dinner, maybe you can get a little rest. You look a little worn out from a busy day.

  36. Marlow made a good point, "I eat what I like to eat, and I dont eat what I dont like" THATS all!

  37. Truth is better! In 1961, Hurricane Carla destroyed the first Bob Hall Pier, which was originally built in the 1950's and was named after a Nueces County Commissioner of that era. It was a wooden structure only 600 feet long.

  38. It felt like I was there with you all. Feeling the wind and sun hit and warm my face. You all look so healthy. Thank you for sharing. Good blessings to you all.

  39. Hi Mike, I spent last December to the left of the parking lot at the end of the road that enters the beach, yes we boondock on the beach right past the first trash bins, and no one bothered us, the beach patrol after 3 weeks told us that we weren't allowed to camp there and the police would give us the 2am knock on the door but that never happened, and this is where me and my girlfriend saw 2 coyotes, so be careful!! The bar is kinda expensive at the pier, we were there for new years eve, peace out

  40. Dude no offence but your vids are getting a little boring lately..

  41. Dude no offence but your vids are getting a little boring lately..

  42. Marlo looked nice and Mike had lose some weight. Nice.

  43. Interesting that Marlo was wearing a hat like a bonnet on her head
    and when she asked the question about the shark, the lady goes Bonnethead.
    which I have never heard of because that looked like a baby hammer head to me too.

  44. Hi folks, great video, totally agree Mike don't feed the seagulls, here in the UK we call them flying rats, but they are protected bird's here so we can't kill them, and it's great to hear you calling chips, chips and not fries, in the UK Friday night is fish and chips night, salt and vinegar with mussy peas and a couple of slices of bread and butter, the way to go, safe travels 😀🇬🇧

  45. Awesome video keep it up M&M.

  46. Learning something new from Marlo in every video.

  47. That's spot on Marlo what you eat is your business fantastic response.

  48. We will get you a real Philly cheesesteak when you come to Philly.

  49. Lol , I’m a eater

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