Greece is one of my favorite travel destinations! I’ve compiles my top 8 most incredible and favorite ones, that you have to see!
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I’m a 22 year old film maker who likes to travel the world sharing daily videos of the places I go, while also exploring abandoned buildings or places!



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  1. Santorini is my favorite place in the whole world.😭😭😍😍😍😍😍

  2. Amazing video, I am going to be There next week, for 3 weeks, gracias for sharing

  3. love this !thank you so much !

  4. santorini no1, I am laughing…

  5. I'm so happy you mentioned the Mani Peninsula! My parents are from there and it really is a beautiful, hidden gem. If you want to see the real Greece take a walk on the wild side and visit magical, mystical Mani. It will not disappoint.

  6. Ios is by far the best you can even compare any other places to it

  7. You cant make a top 8, 10 or top 20 places to visit in Greece…………..Thessaloniki, Chania (Crete), Paros, Rodos, Corfu, Tinos, Kalamata, Chalkidiki, Lefkada and many many more..

  8. Is Athens a good place to visit on first week of October?

  9. AC soundtrack I hEAr U

  10. nice work sport

  11. You should've listed places in northern Greece, Peloponnese and all of these islands are known to everyone, try to visit Thessaloniki and Xalkidiki as well as the Pindus mountains to see the greener and more unique parts of Greece.

  12. Greece is amazing, really worthwhile place to visit. My only problem there is the increasing amount of plastics in the sea and shores. Check out my report:

  13. Awesome description of every place and very helpful!

  14. Great video it will help me in preparing my trip to Greece.. one question as flying drone allowable in Greece ?

  15. What is your opinion of visiting Athens and Santorini in Late May?

  16. Wtf
    Where is Paros ;
    Nafplio but no Paros ;

  17. Thanks for this video. It helped us plan our recent trip to Greece … cheers! 🙂

  18. At 09:00 what tne name of the background song/track ??

  19. Next time go to Crete

  20. Thank you for showing our beautiful country in the most honest and researched manner I have ever seen. I am from Nafplio and I am very glad you referred it. 5 STAR review. Perfect

  21. Would the shops be closed in October/November in santorini? I’m planning my birthday trip Nov1 😩

  22. Santrony and Grece

  23. crowded, boring and hot. uhm… what else?

  24. Very nice and informative video 👍🏼

  25. How much do these ferries cost? How often do they ferry people? Can you also give us the economic analysis of each place and free tourist spots vs highly expensive ones. I am from India and I am travelling on a budget. Your experience and information will be very helpful

  26. Please give me a six days itinerary… (Include Santorini and Athens)

  27. Thank you for your gift to the world of subway graffiti. Not

  28. I live really close to Monemvasia. Going to beaches new their as a child was my favorite

  29. Great video, I am surprised Kos was not in your top 8, Mykonos was my fav 🙌

  30. seen a bunch of videos on Greece, and i'm half Greek half Canadian- your footage really captured Greece – was very well done !! congrats !!! Only thing is please nobody ride the donkeys or horses in Greece- there are no strict laws on animal abuse and the donkeys and horses have been known to be abused- carrying far too heavy loads up mountains , overworked and horses with carriages i have seen them in heatwaves being forced to run with carriages in Athens. SO NO ANIMAL TOURISM esp in Poorer countries where laws are NOT tough enough yet for the animals.

  31. I'm Adding Napflio, and few of the other site seeing places down in Peleponiso area. Been to Santorini, Crete, Athena, Meteora, Corinthea and few others.

  32. The cinematography of your video is well done. It is so well informed. I mostly obsessed with Santorini while there other seven good places in Greece. Thx

  33. Im going to Greece in April and I was wondering what Ferry company you went with to go from Athens to Hyra?

  34. Hi… which month did you visit greece

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