top 10 strange mysterious places to visit in the world .
In this video, we will travel to some of the best strange mysterious places on earth.
Some of these places are considered as the wonders of the world .

Useful links to travel :

travel tour s trip x- tour s-575n8wuovlc8c8

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  1. The angel falls looks like the far lands from minecraft

  2. Yosemite, firefalls, Indian Love Call. Very unique.

  3. Terrible monster with an enormous head 😂😂😂😂😆😆😆😆

  4. These wonders are created by only GOD Jesus in which you do not belive!!!!😞 They are not older more than 6000 years! Please read the Bible!

  5. 6:34 where Superman lives

  6. Who gets to vote on the "most beautiful places on Earth" and how do I go about getting a vote in this shadowy cult? 😎⁉️🦔❓

  7. Awesome places, very interesting video

  8. I love visit these strange places.

  9. i like your video ex about the lena pillars russia

  10. This buildings from china from this high and dangerous vertical mountains are realy amazing, only the chineze would be capable to built there, who nobody have built before .They show us they could be capable to built citys of our moon too. For this little people do not exsist a real chalenge , this( ants people) will conquer our entire solar system soon ,i have no doubt for !

  11. Thank you for a beautiful video cannot stop watching it

  12. Top 9 but its still top 10 wow nice

  13. Loving this one thanks for sharing very important information giving thanks blessed love to all knowledge is power hopefully everyone pays attention keep up the good work 🙏🙏🙏🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲💪💪💪

  14. Beautiful n wonderful place that God given us.

  15. amazing vedio😀😀

  16. Estão precisando de um cinegrafista ?
    Fotógrafo ?
    Curioso .
    doidão .
    lunático .
    . – sou eu mesmo !

    Pode me pagar com vinho, queijo, chocolate
    . e erva 🌿

  17. The places really strange mysterious ….but very beautifulllllll……………..

  18. rice terraces is from the of the 7 wonders of the world man made

  19. 4.20 blue fires in Kelimutu ? not in Kawah Ijen East Java??

  20. Beautiful ..

  21. Its amazing !!!!

  22. Superb mysterious 👌😊

  23. #3 countdown could also be in "Castlegar BC Canada", very nice. yvo

  24. God is amazing!!!

  25. Everywhere u show very nice.thanks

  26. #3……..ancient trees.

  27. Incredible Thank you

  28. Wooow amazing, wonderful places I love it , Really interesting video and beautiful I enjoy it , thank you for sharing this video with us

  29. Kapadokiya Turqie?????

  30. Tk 4 sharing this wonderful video

  31. China is beautiful. in the hands of mad man. who pollute the hell out of it. sad really.

  32. really cool thank you

  33. Beautiful world! Thank you!

  34. Allah is great

  35. Was the best place to go for the first visit and the prices were good but I got my own

  36. waw super video

  37. Another beautiful and interessting collection of natural places with unbelievible stupid music in the background!

  38. Thumbs down for fake click bate image on the search result

  39. Another misleading thumbnail! Quit doing that! Your video was GREAT. You didn't need trickery. Also I was expecting to see the
    Salar de Uyuni as well. It's beautiful. Check it out during the rainy season.

  40. Correction! Rice Terraces is located in the Philippines not in China.

  41. indonesia

  42. 4:28 blue fire in banyuwangi, indonesia


  44. Really interesting. Great natural wonders. But please, please, please couldn't you have a real, live person narrating? So irritating!

  45. 4:00 is my country hehe

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