Every year Lonely Planet experts scour the states to bring you America’s unmissables. Here’s what city made it to the top of the list for 2017.

See the full list here: http://lp travel .to/C1nI0n



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  1. I visited not too long ago & I adored my time spent there. Many nearby towns are quaint but have things to do as well. For example, Brevard has an annual white squirrel festival in the downtown area. The locals are so nice and the food, as said in the video, is amazing! If you are looking for a trip where you can take your time Asheville and the areas around it should be high on your list! Happy Travels!

  2. Vermont is way better why are there no videos for Vermont? We have a friendly welcoming community, beautiful mountains, winter sports, gorgeous summers and falls, so many products made locally, and of course Bernie

  3. Great video..😊😊

    I'm from the so called the wettest place on Earth Shillong Meghalaya India.. I love nature and it's beauty,so it's pleasure to watch your video😊😍

  4. Why would anyone want to visit America at this point? It's a police state today.

  5. looks boring af.

  6. welcome to Vietnam. Contact with me and I'll be your guider to go around many interesting place there.

  7. Beautiful!

  8. For only $1.99 you can now purchase the Official Europe Guide 2017 from Lonely Planet: – Enjoy !!!

  9. I think best destination in the world in cities in Toronto

  10. lost all credibility in this site…Asheville NC has nothing to do there

  11. it's really stunning… I hope to visit it sooooon!

  12. Cool, looks pretty nice.

  13. We are a passionate of the US, our next trip to the country will be for sure a road trip along the Eastern Coast. Thanks for the advices. Regards!

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