Europe is a treasure trove of incredible travel experiences, which can make deciding where to go a challenging task indeed. Thankfully Lonely Planet’s travel experts have been on the case to bring you the best spots to add to your bucket list for 2017. What made it to the top spot? Our Destination Editor, Anna Tyler, reveals all…

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  1. lonely planet book was good

  2. Midsized European Cities: 40 of the best in music and image:

  3. That's one amazing place!
    your Edting is also cool..,

  4. Wonderful places 🙂
    Nice Video

  5. Amazing !!! Made me more curious to travel europe

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  7. Zagreb is a stunniingly beautiful city that has really come a long way. I first visited Zagreb when I was 16 years old — We went with our religion teacher Mr. Quinlan and another 7 students on our way to visit Medjugorje in Croatia. I remember at that time we were followed around by communist agents wearing outlandishly obvious black trenchcoats to remind us not to take photographs of anything that might compromise the image or reputation of the country (like the orphans that were on excursion there wearing black turtle necks with a big "O" painted on them so you knew they were orphans). Nowadays though and since the decline and disappearance of the Soviet Union, life has really turned around!!!

  8. Check out this post for the Top 21 Best Non-Tourist Places to Visit in Europe…. Zagreb is on this list too 🙂

  9. Looking for the smartest way to travel Europe? Check out our tours!

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    I'm on a road trip going through Europe!

  11. Everywhere in Europe is so beautiful 😍 My favorite European destination this year so far was Middleton, Ireland. I went to the Jameson distillery 🥃

  12. really interesting! Love your work!

  13. nice view 😀😊

  14. Agreed. Croatia (and Slovenia) are gaining recognition day by day.

  15. jebo te zagreb

  16. I think that the new it place to visit is Portugal.
    Nice affordable place to visit.
    And any other place in Europe that has those same qualities are going to become great tourist destinations.

  17. 💞 Love ZAGREB 💞

  18. Thank God, the nicest city in Croatia (sorry other citites :P) is getting its five minutes of fame. Zagreb has some specific atmosphere – in other capital cities you will see people rushing all the time, in Zagreb you will see people celebrating their mid-day coffee. It has stunning architecture and Croats are cool people. There is also very good hairdresser there in Vida salon :p Also you have to try struckle there <3

    Can't wait to see my fav place again, very soon.

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  20. Zagreb is beautiful!

  21. Cheers to Zagreb!

  22. Hey Non-Europeans, all European Christmas Markets are the same. Honestly, they are all franchised by one single company. Therefore, the Christmas Market you see in London looks identical in style / shops / appearance as Christmas Markets all over the rest of Europe. Truth!

    So when someone says, 'oh, Vienna has the best Christmas Market' or 'oh, Zagreb has the best Christmas Market'. No, that's not true, that Christmas Market is exactly the same as the one in whatever European city you'll be visiting.

  23. odlicno!

  24. Zagreb je najljepsi grad! <3 <3 <3 Zagreb is a beautiful city, full of history, culture and fun things to do, I'm glad its potential is finally being recognized! 🙂

  25. Really good! Can Croatia be described as a LGBT-friendly nation? That would be amazing!

  26. GLad to see Zagreb getting some recognition.
    BUt I have to say this… all tourist guides recommend the one and the same museum.
    Don't miss out on the other ones, they are all much much bigger, more in the spirit of the city, far more historicaly and culturaly connected with the city.
    The museum of naive art that is right across the street from the broken relationships is small but probably the most unique thing you will see. An art style that originated in North Croatia and only existed in Croatia.
    THe Archeological museum which has the best preserved European mummy from the pre Roman period. THis is something that can NOT be missed.

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