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  1. Hi everyone! I just wanted to answer one of the most common questions I've been getting which is what to do if your cat needs the litter box. I spoke with my vet for her recommendation with Stella before an international flight when we moved abroad. So, I recommend that you speak to your vet as well but here's what I did: I bought puppy pads, lined her carrier with one and folded up another and put it in my carry-on. I also found a collapsible litter box (linked in the description box) for her to use during our layover and you should be able to bring a small Ziploc bag with a small amount of litter in it OR you can put the puppy pad down in the litter box. During your layover, try to find a 'family restroom.' Generally, these offer a bit more privacy so you can take your cat out of the carrier, allow them to walk around a bit, and try going to the bathroom. I hope this helps!

  2. My cat is a Siamese and I'm so terrified he's gonna make this an ordeal.

  3. Does this apply to ALL airlines/TSA? My 2 girls are semi-feral and taking them out of their carrier sounds terrifying.

  4. Hahahaha! at the end she does look rather cross.. 😀

  5. What about litter? How does that work?

  6. Hey. Do you use calming spray? If yes, what brand and where can I get it from?

  7. I'm preparing to travel with my cat from Shanghai to London, he's been on a domestic flight within China before but never 12 hours across the globe – and I can't take him in the cabin, I'm dreading it 😭

  8. Stela is so cute. I hope I spelled her name right

  9. has Stella ever gone to the bathroom during all the airport and airline experience? i'm wondering how to handle that possibility

  10. What is the length of your carrier? And how long is your cat? Was she able to stand up on it? We’re flying back to the states from Japan this September. And I wanted to have my cat in the cabin so I could check on him. Im so worried about my cat because he’s 21inches long and might not fit in the carrier and move comfortably.

  11. What can I do for her toilet?

  12. I just hope my cats won’t scream in the cabin, fingers crossed

  13. Has anyone had the experience of travelling with your cat to UK? I’ve been unable to find an airline that allows pets in cabin, they all require to take them as cargo, and I don’t know if cats would resist that. Specially my cat, who is extremely fearful. If anyone has any information or tips or experience travelling with their cat as cargo, please let me know 😭. I’m so scared about this.

  14. Has anyone traveled with their cat for more than 15 hours? I'm worried about my kitty

  15. thank you so much for the info!

  16. Thank you 😊 I am moveing back to USA and I will be takeing my cat 🐈 and all of the vaccinations are checked like rabies and stuff cuz she’s only 8

  17. Quick tip! Instead of taking your kitty out of the carrier in the main security area, ask a TSA Agent for a private screening room! They are legally required to oblige if you just ask. You will be all by yourself and you will be away from all the noise and chaos of public security. They still wipe down your hands. They will have you take your baby out, they will take the carrier and any other bags and items out of the room to the machine, then bring them back and you should be good to go!

  18. So using the facilities and eating isn’t the biggest challenge?

  19. I'm thinking about spending 1 year abroad in Japan when I turn 18 yo. My cat is very important to me and I dont know if I could stay that long away from him, so I'm thinking about taking him with me. He is 3 years old and my main concern is that there's no direct flight from Brazil to Japan, the trip is very long (2 twelve hours flight + time spent in airport, which is about 35 hours travelling) I'm really scared since it is soo far and it end up with consequences to my cat. Any advice? 🙁
    + he is very familiar with travelling by car, he doesn't really like the carrier instead he sits on the back car seat or in my lap during the car trip

  20. Thank you so much for sharing this information. I really enjoyed your clarity of communication and humor.

  21. I have a important question, in my first flight I will take her in the cabin with me, but on my layover she has to go in cargo, how do I switch carriers, I know she has to be in a hard case carrier to go in cargo, what do people usually do in a foreign country, I have no idea what to do please help

  22. Your in Atlanta

  23. thanks for the info!
    but the question i had wasn't answered..
    what if the flight takes like.. 12 hours?
    how will she go to the bathroom, and how will I feed her ?

  24. Would wearing a sweater with a big pocket where she can fit trough security a good idea?

  25. Just asking but how old does your cat need to be to fly and can you fly a Norwegian forest cat?

  26. I love your video thanks, I have a question what about the cat pooping or peeing on him/her self

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