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Told through the eyes of a London local, this video goes through some of the lesser known hotspots in London that you should check out if you have the time. This is a follow on from my last London Essential Guide which can be found here:


All shot on iPhone. Mostly iPhone X and XS.

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Links for the some of the places referenced in this video:

Spitalfields Market:

Little Venice:

London Walks:

Southbank Market: travel’ target=’_blank’> visit /cafes-restaurants-bars/scfood-market

London Bridge City event Lists:



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  2. The video is great but it leaves you a bit at dispare as you understand that during your occasional visits it's hardly possible to dive deep and feel london not speaking about to know the great city!!!

  3. The urbanised landmass now is home to over 20 million people and another 8 million making 28 million in the commuter belt – so if anyone wonders why the transport (is great) but so busy, it's because we drew a hopeless line around London and it expanded regardless, but we refuse to change the official boundary so everyone gets charged more outside this boundary to commute to the central area and we get our transport forecasts hopelessly wrong because now we're working with the wrong numbers – could there by anything more British than our boundary obsession causing our own pain?! New York interestingly very similar so maybe we're not alone.

  4. Wonderful vlog another awesome video

  5. Thanks for d good video馃憤馃憦 it really help us tourist alot. Looking forward more London video

  6. Love this!!

  7. I've lived in London since I was a kid and it's easy to forget it's actually a pretty place with beautiful architecture. I visit the places you have listed as well as covent garden. Often fantastic buskers there which make the atmosphere that much better.

  8. Please tell me the location of moment 12:16, the street we can see The Shard in a corner and Tower Bridge in the opposite. Thanks and I loved your video!

  9. Great video!

  10. Nice video. Do you use any kind of stabilizator or just hold your phone in hand?

  11. Hi can you make a video showing how do you make such amazing videos with just using an iPhone and what other equipments you use along with the phone. We would love to see that.

  12. beautiful shots – london is always overwhelming

  13. I love your videos. Thanks for doing them.

  14. Great video! Thankyou very much.

  15. Thank you sooooo much. I am living in London, but I don't know London is changing so much. Tomorrow will go. Thank you again.

  16. In love with your videos.
    You have not been in Krak貌w Poland yet ? Stay in Wentzel hotel with the best view.
    Its a capital of food 2019. Few restaurants (one in Music Academy) with wonderful views all for free.
    Fantastically cheap, good food . Can not wait to see your video

  17. heading to london next week…your london videos are great for ideas

  18. Thank you. 馃

  19. wonderful video, our students enjoyed it very much!

  20. thanks for sharing!!!!

  21. oh! i miss 锛碉极 so much! so nice video!

  22. This is great – quite a few places I knew nothing about, much to my surprise!

  23. This video is GREAT! Please make a video of Bali Island..

  24. I love your commentary! Keep it up with the London vids 馃憤

  25. Have been 3 times in London and next year we will visit again- with your amazing tips !! Thank you for the excellent video – keep on going .
    Subscribed 馃憤

  26. I visited London last month for the BTS concert lol unfortunately my dumb friend planned our trip way too tight so we didn't get to see anything of the city which is why I just booked a second trip in December. I love this city, it'll be my third time there but this time I want to make sure to make the most out of it and this video is a gem and exactly what I was looking for! I've also seen your other London tour guide videos but I was searching for not so touristy places where you can enjoy that typical London vibe, the architecture and views. you really nailed it with this video, thank you for the great tips!

  27. Great travel video with lost of good information, I've been to London a few times and I'm looking for more interesting and ot of the way places. I'm a travel agent ande tour guide from Missouri USA. Thanks

  28. Nothing hidden. All known and very touristy.

  29. I love this video! I wasin London for only 4 days last time, so sad I did not make it to all the spots you show in the videos, but I'll definitely come back for more!

    I wanted to say thank you for your recommendation, Hoppa bus for Santorini. It worked out great for me!!! <3 <3

  30. Thank you for this video, i'ts amazing and super useful! In a few weeks I will be visiting London so this video and your previous one, were really a must for me. Thank you again!!!

  31. My mates a barber in spitafields market, he鈥檚 a raving coke head, nice guy tho.

  32. Love the video and the info but how come you keep avoiding the London Eye?

  33. Loved this video.


  35. You're surely great editor and I love watching your videos that's why I subscribed But will you please focus a lil bit more on things. You have alot of content in videos but camera moves too much from one place to another As soon as Eye get focus on one place another thing took place in it which lacks joys. Your videos look more like documentaries otherwise I love how much effort you put in videos Good luck. Waiting for more videos of food & places

  36. Great vlog and such a lovely city

  37. Just found you thank you very informative coming to London soon with my son to show my son my Fathers culture!!!!***

  38. I thoroughly enjoyed this video. I have't been to London since the Jubilee celebrations! This has given me a craving to go back!

  39. omg this just makes me want to go back right now!!!

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