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  1. You were quite near where I live, whilst you were in Leamington…….I live in Rugby!

  2. Did they find your luggage?

  3. ASDA was originally called Associated Dairies. That's what it stands for..

  4. Actually, Walmart is Asda's parent company

  5. dude u should have come to dublin

  6. Still wondering why he didnt bring Sparky American dog treats

  7. 4:12. i dont think ive ever seen someone be so genuine. youve earner it bro

  8. Catching up on the UK uploads I missed…I'm a new subscriber (as of this year lol) and you've easily become one of my favorite vloggers! Thanks for uploading fun content all the time!

  9. Song used?

  10. How to write a date: its day/month/year not month/day/year get it right! the 5th september has not happened yet!

  11. ASDA stands for Associated Dairies lol!

  12. That shirt tho: Barbell for Boobs 😂

  13. Hope you enjoy your time in the UK! Make sure to have fish and chips!

  14. Being a londoner, sorry to burst your bubble- manchester isnt in the UK…. 😉

  15. Hope you enjoyed your time here 🙂

  16. Wienerdog! Oh, and nice video, too.

  17. I feel like this has been an along waited for reality tv series or something lol I love seeing you two together, the positivity is amazing. thanks for sharing. #bromance

  18. I want one of those pink shirts….

  19. 9:20 I'm watching step brothers

  20. welcome to the uk John

  21. omg, you are in Leamington?? that s like 12 miles away from me. so, when's that fan meeting?

  22. so, when are you gonna do a fan meeting in the uk?

  23. Welcome to the UK and Royal Leamington Spa!

  24. Hon…for future reference…always, always, ALWAYS put one pair of underwear in your carry on. 🙂

  25. welcome the the UK bro enjoy your stay 😄

  26. This is great!

  27. My luggage got lost my first time to uk ….welcomr to the UK!!!!

  28. Love it all! So excited this trip is happening for all of you!
    Can't wait for updates!
    Like for Faith! She is so sad you are leaving;(

  29. You must have come to the UK on our one sunny day of the year! I hope you enjoyed our summer 🙂

  30. so completely crazy to see you walking around the town I have lived in for 24 years!

  31. John you are just so cute and happy! I love it!

  32. Dude I love the music you use! where do you get it??

  33. Meet & greet please, John! That'd be awesome!

  34. ASDA = associated dairy

  35. "I leave for the UK and haven't packed a single thing, let's change that"

    >goes to gym instead

  36. I love how honestly humble you are bro! I think that is what inspires me the most! Keep it up bro and #stayhumble

  37. Damn… I'm going to be in London next week!

  38. Looks like you are having an amazing time!!! Welcome to the UK. XX

  39. So glad you made it safely to the U.K, cannot wait to see the content you will make on this trip!!

  40. Your niece broke my heart! You should totally do a surprise video when you come back!

  41. Welcome to the UK. Hope you have fun exploring the different culture…. food…. gym…. weather 😛 Hopefully they send you the bag that went missing too 🙂

  42. I live in Manchester, will you be coming to anywhere where we can see you?

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