This is how to travel Dubai Cheap! Even though Dubai is known as a city of luxury, I will share travel tips in this guide to make this an affordable travel’ target=’_blank’> visit to UAE.
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From the Gold Souk, to the desert safari, you can experience Dubai on a budget.

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  1. Firstly, I must apologize for the delay. Yesterday I set my video live and after one hour I came back to see that it had ZERO views. Long story short, the video got claimed by an MCN and blocked globally. Luckily a friend at YouTube helped me sort it over his weekend and I'm grateful to him that it was only delayed by a day. My apologies and see you guys NEXT SATURDAY for the Most Luxurious of Dubai 🙂
    Let's get Lost!

  2. Deira is kind of an interesting place. It's full of immigrants who do the basic and "down-to earth-jobs", thus it's full of South Asians and Africans. The streets are full of life and you are pretty far away from the luxury and postcard images that we are used of Dubai. I think if I had moved to Dubai I would try to live in Deira at least for a couple of months and avoid one of theese soulles condo areas where Westerners and other well-paid expats usually live.

  3. How to do Dubai on a budget… *stands in the street and does nothing 😀 the end.

  4. I'm a new subscriber. My dream destination is Dubai. Realistically speaking, how much would it be for a week, to have a nice time?

  5. Miss dubai so much

  6. I went to Dubai 4 yrs. Ago and now i will be back for New Years 2020 i love it. And its not expensive as people put it just keep it on the low and u can do alot of stuff. I had stay for 14 days. The ride on the sand buggie its very tiring be careful with that. Take alot of water you will need it the sand show at night its very pretty. And the dinner on the boat at night its very romantic.

  7. Stupid guy , you could have gotten in Jail for kissing in this country lol

  8. Im a food lover. Give me restaurant's name.

  9. Which hotel are you stayed? How much is the per night? From uk

  10. Srsly??? Went to abudhabi and didn’t go to louvre abudhabi?
    Yas water world ?
    Ferrari world?

  11. Everything here is expensive

  12. follow the like to checkout best places in Sri Lanka. (2019 world best destination.)

  13. this is so coool, definitely an inspiration to become a travel vlogger.

  14. UAE in general is the safest place on Earth 👍👌😍

  15. #Dubai must be your summer vacation destination 😍😎

  16. Wow lovely video

  17. You said cheap ??

  18. Amazing video. I have been living and working here in Dubai for 3years and now i am trying to travel and visit the best places here in UAE.. 🙂

  19. Travelling around Dubai, do you not have any feelings for the way the woman are treated in Dubai and lets not forget the two missing Dubai Princesses !!!!!!!!!!!

  20. What is 4:11? I want one to clear my sinuses.

  21. Why would anyone want to visit a place where you have no rights. You must be crazy

  22. Come to kerala…kerala is also know as the God's own country…if any one have to intrest to visit kerala contact me

  23. OMG Bro. Worthless.

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  26. I always come here when ever I want to travel anywhere

  27. Awesome video! 😁 Really want to travel more now

  28. 3:34 You look like an assassin.

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