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  1. Hi everyone – thanks so much for watching!! I want to pop on here quickly and say that OBVIOUSLY this video is full of generalizations and I don't mean to imply that these are universal truths across all people and countries. Of course each place has individual and unique customs and traditions that should always be celebrated and respected. Labeling this video in a very generalized "Europe" helps with YouTube analytics – which is why you're seeing this video in the first place. Also, the tips I'm sharing here are just general dressing tips, that when coupled with respect, cultural sensitivity, a true interest in the place I'm visiting, and at least a few words and phrases have helped me have a more enjoyable, immersive experience. xx Audrey

  2. Your tips are quite nice, a sort of gentleman's tips (m/f) on how to travel and disturb the local vibes as little as possible. Tourists… Yes, definitely the way they dress. But much more the way they walk, move their body, use body language, how they look around (most in awe and wonder). Beyond that, the shape of your face, blue eyes, blond hair etc. With a bit of training you can spot the country where people come from just by watching them walk and talk, without hearing them even. (Europe is more than 1 country btw.)

  3. What is wrong with looking like a tourist? Besides the normal pick pocket stuff?

  4. I love to look like a tourist… I don't know if this is fool 🤣

  5. Audrey really liking your videos which are natural n informative thank you

  6. It s impossibile to hide an american tourist . They are everywhere out of context , really strangers and far from italian habits

  7. Its so funny, but now that bucket hats and socks with sandals are so popular everyone looks like a tourist when they are at home!

  8. Talks too much

  9. Thanks a lot for recommendations! It was so interesting

  10. I do not care what other people think I just want to feel comfortable myself.

  11. Awesome advices 💓

  12. Oh so wrong, tennis shoes a definite day must. All that walking! I would say stay away from rhinestones on your clothes and bright colors,satin jackets. 😄 that screams USA. Easiest way to dress, stay with a neutral palette and soft tailored style that you can layer.

  13. Why am I watching this I am French

  14. Stupid video!

  15. Fantastic video! As someone who has traveled a lot, these are the peeeerfect reminders. Headed to Budapest for a month and needed a refresher. Luckily I already bought two of the shoe types you recommended 😁

    PS From one YouTuber from another – you clearly know what you’re doing 👏 keep it up!

  16. Hi did you know that wearing a cross body bag is actually very dangerous. Because when a criminal runs alongside of you or if you’re in a European city and they’re on a scooter and they grab your bag instead of just taking the bag they can snap your neck and you can be seriously injured so please consider that when you’re thinking about a cross body bag your bag may be more secure but if someone tries to steal it you will be really hurt

  17. Mcdonalds, KFC, Pizzahut or Sizzlers are not classified in Europe as "restaurants" which usually have table linnen, steel cutlery, porcelein dining plates, real glass for beverages and you don't self serve or queue to order…..Europeans call these snack bars. So put on some appropriate clothing please.

  18. Dear Audrey, You Are A Gem(!); Giving Masculine Men-Of-Elegance-W/O-Pretention (Such As MySelf), Both, An Invaluable 'Lift' (In Multiple Ways), And, That Women Like Unto Yourself (Embodying The Qualities Of: Charm-Grace-Elegance-And-Lovliness!), Are Still 'Out-There', Giving Us Hope! MERCIE!!

  19. Great tips

  20. I'm italian and it is true, when you see flip flop in the streets, they are tourists!

  21. I do none of those lmao.

  22. I think this info was deadon 20 years ago…but not today so much.

  23. this is soooo true,…americans are loud and very casual even dinner you will find men in their khaki shorts,large oversize t-shirts and slippers or sport shoes….but atleast they smile more than us .

  24. The clothes are not too important- you can tell Americans straightaway by their loud voices/squealing "OMG I LOVE THAT"!!!/ crazy hand gestures….extreme amounts of ice in their drinks…ice cream in soda (???)…toxic positivity (we prefer the resting bitch face/serious face, thank you)…unhealthy portions and junk food…smoking everywhere…cheesy statements/butthurt attitude (most of the Europeans value honesty, you know)…not doing their homework and learning about the country they want to visit (my personal pet peeve: "Wales is in England"…it's THE most.offesive.thing.ever! you can say to a Welshman!) or learning how to say "hello" and "thank you" in the language of that country…expecting everybody cheers at their country's politics (absolutely NOT!)…excessive tipping…asking if they can pay in dollars…not taking their shoes off when visiting somebody's house…and many more

  25. Back-packs on American students.Spanish students wear big handbags and the rest of the books,notebooks are caried on your arm.(I am American,by the way).

  26. this will make you look like a tourist

  27. Tourist ❤

  28. beautiful handmade Mexican clothes can be worn in Europe, America and Asia and will always leave great impressions

  29. Dead giveaway that you are a tourist….you frequent churches, museums, palaces….can I ask why everything you say is punctuated with a slight giggle and nearly breaking into full blown laughter? Is wardrobe baiting really that hilarious? Just a side note…so many countries and dress codes…your suggestions scream ,”Hi,…I am an an American trying to look very international.

  30. So what if I look like a tourist the fact is that I am one.

  31. An attractive, articulate and pleasurable speaker. This video needs a sequel.

  32. I'm Greek American and the tourists that I see here in Greece can be interesting..
    Older Americans seem to have no fashion sense whatsoever-not all but many stand out and not in a good way. Young American women dress in an identical manner it seems..they don't seem to care what other people think and their hair looks wet as if they just jumped out of the shower. Also cheap dresses and flat shoes seem to be the popular choice instead of rocking some sexy heels. The men seem more stylish and look better than most which is interesting…
    Don't want to offend anyone many people here can look like a fleabag and there are many women from the states that are style conscious it just seems that the majority doesn't give a shit about how they look!!

  33. I think being respectful of other customs is always advisable. Nice comments.

  34. I think your advice is excellent particularly regarding footwear and backpacks. I am Canadian and have traveled quite extensively over several decades. Certainly travel wear, because of the way the locals have changed, has loosened up over the years but your photo examples clearly illustrate some excellent small changes for a more polished look.
    As for the comments involving US travellers, there is a lot of generalizing. I suggest that all travellers in every city tend to be loud but after all they are on vacation and probably very excited and feeling quite uninhibited. Rather like a party with good friends and/or family. Certainly in Vancouver, a very popular tourist destination in Canada, we see all ethnicities and some are very soft spoken even when excited, some are not. So what, life is about living with other people and acceptance and kindness are desperately needed for everyone’s happiness. I love to hear people enjoying and exclaiming over my City.

  35. Loved your video and have subscribed. You are honest and knowledgeable and I love your attitude! Thank you so much ! 😀

  36. Loved the video! A lesson of common good sense in street style that can be used almost everywhere in the world, not just Europe 🙂

  37. Too much talking.

  38. Sorry to tell you this, I am live in Germany and travelled all over europe No ones gives the fuck of what other people wears. Respect and abide the law is what matters to us

  39. Could you please do a video about what to wear SPECIFICALLY to the Vatican or other churches?

    So many tourists ignore signs and still arrive inappropriately. How hard is it to cover your shoulders and wear dresses that cover your knees 🙁 Or they wear a dress with an open back or hemline above the knee. Not hard to be respectful!

  40. It sets my teeth on edge when I see British tourists in Spain wearing football tops and shorts. 😣 Having said that, I remember looking at my dad in the 80s during a family holiday to Tenerife, and realising that he ticked every tourist box. Socks and sandals, blue cotton shorts, a checked short-sleeved shirt, floppy hat, camera around the neck, and an ice cream cone in hand. Bless his dear heart, I miss him. 💙

  41. Very helpful

  42. This advice is for americans and australians

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