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  1. 2:45 this was actually an exact concept and part in my school textbook lol
    i think the approach to language learning in schools has transformed greatly over the past few years and decades

  2. Thank you!!

  3. Olha eu ia comentar mas fiquei tão humilhada que desisti kkkkkkkkk Meo deolz! Isso que é uma geminiana em ação 😆

  4. Caramba, agora entendi como ela fazia os vídeos em português, eu jurava que era uma dublagem muito bem feita, mas é ela mesma quem faz! Estou impressionado kkkkkk vou me inscrever aqui tbm, e parabéns pelo trabalho c:

  5. For those impressed with her amazing English, she's a talented Brazilian actress… So no wonder.

  6. This advice is amazing. Thankyou!!!!!

  7. Lunaaa💕💕💕💕❤️❤️❤️❤️

  8. Isn't she a Brazilian actress?!?!?! Btw I loved the advices and tips, thank you!

  9. Mam plzzzzz tell how we can learn German language 😧😧😧😧😧

  10. I just started watching your videos guys, and so far the content is so interesting I love it!
    my native language is Spanish, and I'm currently studying Mechanical Engineering in California

  11. Are you Brazilian? I sow a video from socrática português e você parece nativa in both languages!
    Amazing job !

  12. Liliana o Brasil te adora, saudades de você atuando.

  13. Eu sei que é impôssivel eu aprender inglês, eu quase não pratico!😍 Linda

  14. In the time 9:37 is like a magical for me. Great explanation, great video.

  15. She was Polka in Ratimbum Island, and I am here because of that hahaha. You are amazing girl

  16. Ma'am hi! Very very useful tips for learning a foreign language!I had been trying to learning Spanish and I am gonna act upon these pieces of advice straight away!Can I ask you something by the way?How long does it take to learn flirting in a foreign language anyway?

  17. About the scenarios , I had to make that a few months ago when I got a Job in a call center, as a bilingual agent. My maternal tongue is spanish, and I had to function in english mostly, even when I am an upper intermediate. They gave us a Script, but I designed my own for every situation or service I have to sell. It was such an experience for me, and a trigger for Master my skills.

  18. Tu é incrível ❤

  19. Awesome 👏🏻

  20. ! Jesus Christ returned !

  21. Essa atriz e linda e sexy

  22. no one:
    duolingo: TU COMES MANZANAS¿

  23. The only thing with situational learning is that knowing how to ask for something or directions to something is one thing, but knowing what the hell the other person is saying in their response to you is another.

  24. i just speak Urdu and English but i want to learn chinese

  25. Eu não sei se faço um curso de inglês ou se faço teatro agora.

  26. Chega me deu um aperto no coração quando ela falou "tchau!". O sotaque ficou perfeito!

  27. Tão bonita a sua pronúncia de "Bom dia"

  28. Can u speak Tamil kannada hindi

  29. Yeah, that French "r"

  30. Am struggling to know Italian Lol

  31. Liliana, tu és um hino de mulher. Obrigada por esse vídeo maravilhoso, viu? Tô na minha caminhada pra ficar fluente em inglês e tbm comecei a aprender japonês recentemente. Vou tentar aplicar essas dicas 😚

  32. I speak Spanish, Italian, English and now learning Japanese and this lady is muy guapa, bella, beautiful and kawaii!

  33. Liliana castro

  34. Liliana castro

  35. my first language is Portuguese, i've start learning English in late 2017 using and anki. At end of this year I want to learn Russian.

  36. i have many leather bound books

  37. Genteee, amo ouvir ela falando Inglês.

  38. I come back again. Very good

  39. This woman is such a legend! My goodness. One minute she's teaching me Abstract Algebra, next, she's teaching me how to learn foreign languages. Such an intelligent and powerful mind. Thank you, thank you, thank you Liliana.

  40. Of course everybody can learn every language he/she wants, but for me there's something wrong about every codified and spoken national languages mine included.
    I'm meaning they are stupid, each one of them, and their stupidity in general made couple to some paternalistic nationalistic imperialistic arrogant silliness made by native speakers to foreigners.

    For instance, In my opinion the second language everybody learn have to be a conventional neutral auxiliary international language planned as e.g. IDO linguo as regular as math, no exceptions, no phonetic or typographic problems, quick and proficient to be learned and used easily intelligible so none can take advantage upon the others avoiding forever every silliness.

    Moreover why should e.g. an Italian and a Chinese use or abuse English language of French or Spanish or German or Japanese and their cultural preconceptions to communicate each other?
    We have already set some good international standards as the metric system base 10.
    Why we don't have an unified conventional language for all the globe at the UN table, of course the simplest neutral language possible?

  41. I personally enjoy her suggestion of developing your own situational materials. Before I started working this way I failed a few times trying to learn with a course book. Looking back, this was because got bored and lost motivation. The internet has opened up new and better ways to learn. I find that working on dialogues that are directly relevant to my own needs and interests, and then activating them immediately with an online conversation partner is much more motivating. And motivation is the key – anyone will succeed if they interact with the language daily for long enough – you just have to find a way to keep going. If you want some very clear and effective guidelines on how to work with situational strategies, I highly recommend Boris Shekhtman's little book "How to Improve Your Foreign Language Immediately". This is an approach he developed teaching Russian to high level US Government officials, journalists etc and has been proven over many years of research at the highly regarded FSI institute. Adapt it to self learning and you'll be miles ahead of the way that most people tackle a language.


  43. Woooo how beautiful you are and the way you speak is more beautiful then you…… i love you and the way you make me educated…..
    Alas you were my teacher…..

  44. Aquela despedida no final foi tchau ou ciao? kk

  45. Saudades suas na telinha. Good job and congratulations!!!

  46. i can speak English, Latin and Sarcasm! tehehe…

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