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  1. fell in love with a girl from Germany, while i was in ireland for a month def miss her.

  2. Your Instagram pls

  3. Sounds like some stupid female non sense

  4. Hey Alyssa! Im glad I found your video. Nice to see im not the only one suffering here. Tell him how you feel, if he hasnt seen the video yet. You dont lose anything telling him but you can gain a lot. Take it from me, its been 9 years from me falling for someone in Greece while traveling and I still regret not taking a leap and going to give it a try with him. I still talk to him, but as you say we have our own personal lives in different continents. If you still can go for it!!!

  5. This line is so fine to tread that we often fall into pieces before we realize it.

    Just had one of the greatest experiences in Hong Kong, and theres not a feeling ive had that was this intense.

    Its just so damn good, but the ending is bitter and distasteful, because you know shit just hit the fence with the distance apart.

    Smacked with regret right now, and theres really nothing i can do about it. Somehow comforted that im not alone here

  6. Something similar happened to me.. met this guy while he was traveling, and yeah in just 4 days of being with him I fell hard… like never before

  7. Nothings impossible
    Would he move?
    Would you move?
    If you two have the same goal at the end and that is to be together then go for it

  8. I need your advice , basically i travel hopping finding someone to love .

  9. I know this is an old video but I typed in falling in love abroad and felt I just had to comment. This is so raw and real. I really felt every single thing you said….. I met someone at the beginning of this year in Europe and we hit it off straight away had such a great connection. He was travelling there from North America where as my travels were over and I was just trying to do city breaks solo here and there. We linked on social media and we spoke for three months straight whilst he was travelling. I had two weeks off in April from work and planned to meet up with him in Barcelona, we ended up going to Portugal next and then finally back to England before he went back home and he stayed with me here and met my family. Everything was so perfect. I really fell for this guy. I planned to go to Canada where he is from and I was there for a nearly three months this summer but very sadly he became distant and it was really hard 🙁 we never saw each other again but I still think about the really beautiful time we spent together. I really enjoyed listening to your story! And clearly you were meant to meet for a reason! I believe that people come into our lives for a reason, a season, or a lifetime ❤️

  10. I actually am soo stuck at the moment….I met a korean man on the train in switzerland (where I am from) and he started a conversation. We ended up talking the full train ride and exchanging contacts. I had plans but I told him I would love to show him around so we could meet the next day.
    At that time I wasn't really sure if I should go and meet him again, but I decided to do it and it was a wonderful evening. We just enjoyed every single second. We hugged goodbye on the same train on which we met. A day after he left switzerland to go on with his europe travel and a week later he went back to korea. Since he will be taking over the company of his dad he is always busy and time difference (7 hours) make it even worse to stay in contact. I thought about going to visit him for maybe one week but I am not sure if I should do so…He is 29 years old and I am 21. Does anyone have some tips for me?? I don't know what to do :((

  11. Nice one, I love this Video, I think you should follow your heart 😊

  12. I totally have been through this and I understand this. Its a scary position to wonder what will happen in the next phase of your life between you two after you say goodbye

  13. The 1 dislike is your ex

  14. Happened to me recently. She is gone. I feel you. Stay strong someone better will come along.

  15. Alyssah, I can feel your genuineness.Most of the millennial women only likes men who are arrogant and those who make them chase for love. So men understand this terminology and shows alpha traits. So the genuine love sucks everywhere.

  16. Really appreciated your honesty!So glad I came across this video, it’s exactly how I feel. Fell for someone in my last 6 days in Sydney. We talked on the phone nearly everyday for 3 months afterwards but the time difference and our lives got in the way. Travelling is full of highs and lows, but in the end you’re grateful for all of it 🙂

  17. Let me guess. The city was Hamilton or Omaha?!

  18. Thank you, and people who commented your stories below, I need this!

  19. I love you alyssa i really love you please can you talk to me?

  20. I love you

  21. I met this girl at the dells and I’m so pissed cuz I can’t find her it’s so damn big😂

  22. I can completely relate 😩😩😩💔 I met someone 3 weeks ago, he was on tour in my country and we have been in contact throughout but I am scared we stop talking or even worse, never see him again. I have never met someone that is so easy going, lively, passionate, a dreamer. I genuinely didn’t want to catch feelings because I appreciate him as an individual more than anything but it’s too late now 🙁

  23. Update video please! Unless it’s to painful to make but I’d love to hear from you!

  24. Fell for a girl while she was traveling through my home city. God dam she was amazing. Suffering the consequences now however. Definitely hurts a lot.

  25. Ugh I needed this so much omg thank you 💕

  26. Hi, Alyssa. I literally typed "falling for someone while travelling" on Youtube and I came across to your video. In fact, I've fallen for someone on my first day in Rome while I was interrailing a month ago. He said that he came towards me after 8 seconds he saw me in front of Pantheon. I was travelling solo, and I felt the same way as you did. We spent our remaining days together, rented a bike together, and basically everything else. He then returned to London, and I continued my journey heading to Florence. When I went back home(which was Switzerland at the time but it's Turkey now) we kept talking, videochatting etc. A few days later he visited me in Geneva for several days and the exact feelings were there. We've fallen for each other so hard, but we both knew that it was impossible for us to have something solid since we had all that distance between us. He's 5 years older than me and he has a whole other life, I'm a student living in Turkey. Even though we tried to stay in touch, I kept myself silent about the way he was living his life because it was normal for us to have a gap between us, mentally and physically. This is the first time I actually talk about it so openly, but I wanted to let you know that I went through the same thing, in fact I still am. We haven't talked to each other properly in a week and it upsets me because I care about him so much, but I don't say about a word about it cause he's always drinking, seeing and sometimes sleeping with other people. There is not even a point of being jealous. We have fucking 188282 km between us, and I just have to accept the fact that it was a beautiful experience that we both had, and move on with our lives.

  27. Finding someone you're smitten for and growing a loving connection with them when traveling is so hard… I literally met someone 5 days before they had to leave and spent everyday with them. I never had felt such a strong connection with someone, and now I'll never see them again

  28. I met a guy while I was traveling in Florida. We both felt so right. We had so much similarities and same ambition. It's not like meeting someone new, but catching up with someone you have known for a long time. Though we only spent 4 days, we had so much laughter together. Every moment felt so right but so beautiful. He showed me to his friends and his church group. He is hardworking, smart and cute. He treated me like I am his precious treasure. We both cried when I had to leave for Toronto. I totally understand your feeling when you fell for someone that is gonna be hard to see regularly. Hope things work out for both of us. H

  29. It is a lovely story.I met the similar situation recently.He wants to traveled around Aus.I have to stay at a small town.And I am from another country.Anyway it is a great memory and I still miss him sometimes.

  30. the Australian men are gentleman and its irresistible to not fall for them. 😅

  31. Hey,
    touching story.
    from my experience i can say that a woman always try and gets hurt, but never give up. while on the otherside man would not be even thinking about such stuff. and its really sad 😔 that women fall easily but not men they are so natural to pretend things which are not real. later they just got overwhelmed with prettiness of women so……………never try to become more than friends to anyone…

  32. Thank you for posting this. It's exactly what I needed.

  33. Falling in love while traveling is the best feeling, but it's bad for me because I get so infatuated with the other person, even when I know it's impossible. I hope things go well for all of us on our future travels. I'd like to leave a quote that goes something like this, "how can you expect to find the love of your life at home, when there's over seven billion people in the world?"

  34. Going through this right now with someone I met in Rome while studying abroad. 😿 when you just have that special connection you just know, and it's so hard to replace

  35. easy, so wrong. he should be looking for someone who is "right"

  36. Oh, he's so Australian … such charmers 😉 I met my Norwegian husband in Sydney, and we just moved in together. Go for it — life's too short … take failures as life experiences!

  37. This was some real talk. Always appreciate when youtubers do this

  38. So you both live in Melbourne!?

  39. Hi new subscriber☺️

  40. Ah Alyssa you're so pretty!

  41. Thank you for staying honest and vulnerable to your viewers! You are incredibly inspiring and your wisdom is greatly appreciated!!

  42. Love your videos Alyssa. Hope you find someone nice close to you and that would like to go travel with you next time.
    And as I have said before, hope you would come visit Norway and specially northern Norway 🙂

  43. I absolutely love this. I fell for someone who studied abroad at my school for a semester. It is def tough!

  44. I love your videos, you're so inspiring. Hope everything works out!

  45. This is so sad, I've been following you for many years now and I think that you deserve all the happiness you can get! I got sad when you started to cry 🙁 My opinion is that you should try and talk to him, if he feels the same way you should do everything to try to make it work, if not then it was not meant to be! But either way, you do not deserve to feel regrets or sad! 🙂

  46. UGHHHH I love this.

  47. I believe that things happen for a reason and I think it's no coincidence that you both live in two different cities with the same name. It's a sign that you were supposed to meet all along!! For whatever reason!

  48. This was so raw and honest. I've been watching all your videos today and think you are awesome and seem like a really down to earth individual 🙂 I am planning to travel this summer throughout Europe and want to be able to document it. What camera do you use when you are vlogging? thank you 🙂

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