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  1. What if you really not feeling talking to unknown people?

  2. I met so many people on a solo trip in Montreal that I made a video about it! Hostels are great for that.

  3. How do I meet people if I am not poor and can afford to get a hotel?

  4. Great video. Hostels definitely are an easier way to meet new and interesting people on your travels. 🙂

  5. I had my first backpacking trip 2016 in Europe. First 24 hours I was panicing and thinking "this was a mistake". Then I thought I have to be social or I'll be alone during this trip. And I'm usually shy and nervous, but somehow I was a completely different person during my trip. I was courageous and more social than normally. It took me years to gather strength for this trip and I'm so glad that I finally did

  6. What if you want to do airbnb? Or something else?

  7. Any recommendations for first timers such as hostels stay in or places to visit?

  8. yeah, don't be lost in the sadness. Move on to the nice guy.

  9. Come to India I am ready for welcome

  10. I'm going solo traveling next summer for the first time but super worried I won't be able to make friends as I'm only 16 and I know the majority of backpackers are much older.

  11. Anyone feel like Hostels just aren't for them? You only ever meet people from similar cultures, with the same privilege to travel, and if you do meet anyone from more interesting countries they are middle class and privileged too and in many ways just very similar to you, (privileged bieng they have the money and opportunity to leave home and travel).

    If you go to Italy, wouldn't you want to meet italian people? If you go to Poland, polish people etc. I also feel travellers tend to be very hippy and sometimes a bit weird.

    The biggest dislike I have about backpacking is you constantly meet new people and then move on, they move on. There's so little opportunity to build strong frienships. So many repetitive "so whre are you from" conversations and the turnover of dormmates is constant.

  12. Thanks for the tips! Loved your video

  13. My first solo Travelling in Phuket Im really scared because my English not good but all friend meet in hotels very good try to understand me 😂 …

  14. Hard to concentrate of what you’re saying….

  15. My problem is that I can meet people and get along with them but Unfortunately for me most of the people I meet during my travels don't want to know me in the future. I once begged someone to become my Facebook friend but they did not. I want to travel more but I feel like I miss out on the social side that everyone talks about. I certainly do like exploring cities, volunteering and learning about new cultures.

  16. I agree hostels are the best place to meet people. I haven't really traveled but stayed in three hostels before moving cities. And I have made friends every time. It's just a after or saying hi. Even when you are eating ask if you can sit at a table with someone. Or just say good morning to people.

  17. I've been traveling alone in Amsterdam and always carried an extra smoke, you won't believe how many people i met in the Hostel who wanted to share a joint with me 😉

  18. Also what are the age groups for when people work there

  19. You would be amazed how many people will be your friend if you randomly go up to people and give them a free doner kebab.

  20. Great video 🙂

  21. Honestly I think it is way harder to make friends in hostels when you are not into drinking alcohol. That's why I am not really into party hostels anymore. It is not that I don't like party but yeah you get weird looks if you join a group and you're not drinking🙄🤔

  22. Omg you said a box of goon! Australia has gotten to you

  23. Awesome video! Sounds like SO much fun I cant WAIT

  24. I think I'm in love your gorgeous 😊and your eyes are so hypnotizing and your videos are amazing and helpful it's 100% helped me

  25. I traveled solo to London this January and I didn't meet anyone 😀 but it's fine, I wasn't looking for friends, so I'm sure I'll find some friends when I travel solo some more 🙂

  26. The " where you from " is the best ! You do encounter some travellers that are more weary or jaded that may be at the end of a long trip but most People are great . Yeah some groups can be hard to crack .

  27. This is really helpful! I’m planning on travelling after I graduate from uni next year (hoping to work a ski season too!). I’m quite shy but I’m trying to break away from this so all tips are helpful 😊

  28. Muy bonito frente

  29. Love your video's 🙂 Hi I'm planning a solo gap year next year, so I'll be 18 when I travel around the world and was thinking maybe a video for places around the world that seem dangerous to other people but are still fine to travel in, if that makes sense? Because I want to go to Mexico and India (as well as many other "SAFE" places) but I get so many mixed reviews, some say its completely fine to travel as a solo female, others say they would never do it in a million years???????? THANKS, and much love ❤️ 💕

  30. Have you ever had to ditch a clinger?

  31. Awesome advice and great tips!

  32. funny edits and voices, i actually lol'd about the kitchen… you seem to be a mostly extroverted, humorous person and that helps in making friends too! great advice for all

  33. Sooo trueee! I just went backpacking Europe! And hostels like you said are truly the best! Loved your video!

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