Chapter 10 – Episode 10

One Hundredth Motivational Video ’Destination: The Top’ NON PROFIT
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I started this because one day I was trying to teach myself how to work with this editing programme ‘Final Cut Pro’.
Making a motivational video was the first thing that came up to my mind.
I remember the very first time I saw one. It was the very first time since my depression I didn’t feel so alone anymore.

I decided recently to make motivational videos as a form of training to become a better film maker in the future. I hope you people will like it and that it might actually change you.
It helped me trough a lot and still does.

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Titan lives in all of us.

– Zack Hemsey – Vengeance

– Meryl Streep
– Navid ‘Absolute Motivation’
– James Tarantin
– Jeffrey I. Moore
– Miles Teller
– Melissa Benoist
– Muhammad Ali
– Dr. Ivan Joseph
– Chriss Ross
– Eddie Pinero ‘Your World Within’
– Ray Lewis
– Jim Rohn
– Elliot Hulse
– Les Brown
– Eric Thomas
– Logan LaPlante
– Sam Berns

Starring movies:
– Prometheus
– Lucy
– Whiplash
– Norwegian Woods
– Ambition

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  1. This is my favorite motivational video. Period.

  2. the best video.good job

  3. Damn I got the chills watching this

  4. Wow. Amazing. Absolutely amazing. It's how we feel but dont know how to put it into words. Keep up the great work👍🏻💪🏻🇺🇸


  6. This video really motivated me. Fuck it. I'm gonna kill myself!

  7. 1:40 What movie was that from

  8. Still epic

  9. could someone link me the exact quote to "the world is there to criticize you, you are there to remind there to build you up" @4:34… please and thanks

  10. LOOOOOVE!!!

  11. Thanks for such amazing video !! Keep Going !! this is amazing.

  12. great work on this video! i start everyday with this!

  13. Damm..I badly needed this at the moment. Thanks a lot!

  14. WOW!!!

  15. How do I download all videos to my MP3 epic stuff


  17. ultimate…….. bring tears in my eyes

  18. CJ-chan, many thanks for your great vids – keeps me runing. love and happines bro

  19. thank you

  20. good work

  21. congratulations!! and thank you for your work. you have no idea how powerful your work has been for me and my Co workers who really need it. Bless you and Never stop!

  22. Now my name is nick I was going down a pretty bad road grades sucked had no goal in life getting suspended from school a lot always doing bad things but I found my why in 8th grade when I was in my lowest because I had a lot bad things happenening to me and always wondered should I run away to get away from all this bad stuff my mom has been in the hospital multiple times I had to sit next to the bed thinking is it the end for her but she came back from it my dad had a breakdown he felt like giving up and he came back from it in 8th grade I got in a couple school fights I felt like that's why I was suppose to do in life so I joined wrestling down I won cause of heart most of the matches I want to be the best mma fighter who ever lived, state champion, then national champion , last but not least ufc champion of the world I will make it Ik I will I have had tons of friend telling me why do I workout so much even my parents couldn't believe how much I worked out I would stay up till 3 am

  23. 1:13 Where is this from? It resonates with me so much, i want to watch that movie or whatever is this.

  24. Your an Amazing Talent…Leader…& Spirit! Thank you for sharing your light!!

  25. You can do whatever you believe you can do. We all know that, This is not new. If we know this, then why do we continue to replay this message? It's the same reason your teachers keep pounding the same information in your head. To get it to stick and force you to believe it. Believe it and you will achieve it. #MP

  26. Where is the part with the old lady from?

  27. These videos, especially this one, have changed my ways of thinking about how I viewed my break-up and my work ethics. Thank you for all your time and dedication to these videos. Believe me when I say that you are not just helping me, but many others that its unimaginable how far you'll still go. Take care brotha, thank you.

  28. What is the name of the persons voice in the begging 😩

  29. Wow this video deserves a clap 🙂 I think it's beautiful to watch in a quiet place such as Eco village in Costa Rica. If you have ever considering moving to an Eco village feel free to email me +Costa Rica. It's beautiful and quite here 🙂 you should try to live here.

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