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  1. I always roll 'em cause I like to smoke 'em!

    Ooops, wrong video, sorry!

  2. what was the total weight once packed? majority if not all airlines have weight restrictions on carry on suitcases of 7kgs (or 10kgs if you pay extra with some airlines).

  3. Interesting idea of using tote bags instead of packing cubes – that way you always have some extra bags if needed.
    Don't agree with that style of rolling – more about keeping the suitcase tidy than reducing creases in clothes (although I might compare that method to using a travel vacuum bag for a puffer jacket).

  4. Over half of this video just trachrs u to roll/fold clothes…..this was not really helpful

  5. You can't have a rasor in a carry-on

  6. Where does the pill container go?

  7. 2:33 resubable straws

  8. how do you pre-nonce tote bags???

  9. This is actually useful. Groom groom and five minute hacks, TAKE NOTES


  11. I love love love love 🤩🤩

  12. TSA has eased up on medications in pill form, you just have to be careful with liquid meds.

  13. Excellent, thanks. 👏

  14. Just done a month in Europe, 5 different countries with layovers in between. You don’t need 10 tops and 5 jeans, that’s straight up ridiculous. I bought 4 tops, 3 jeans

  15. Isn’t this a suit case not carry on

  16. For thicker blouses and shirts, is it better to fold?

  17. Is it impossible to fold socks like normal people do?
    The necklace one Is very clever

  18. But is it actually under 7kg?

  19. I know you got a fat ass

  20. Downloading for reference

  21. My only thing is the toiletries do not adhere to the 3-1-1 TSA rule.

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