When you tour Bangkok, you’re immersing yourself in a city of contrasts. From its homage to ancient cultures to the ultra-modern skyscrapers that line the downtown area, you’ll soon discover why this lively metropolis wins so many “World’s Best City” awards from various publications. Some claim, it’s the perfect mixture of food, friendly citizens, shopping, and things to do.

Step into Krung Thep, or The City of Angels, and let your adventure begin. You might be confused when you first arrive; where, exactly, are these angels? But a close look at the smiling people will soon make it obvious. You can see more of this care and attention to detail in the many temples that dot the city’s landscape, as well as their daily lives. Thai arts and crafts are indicative of this…especially their culinary art.

If you’re travel’ target=’_blank’> visit ing Bangkok for the food, you’re in good company. Did you know there are 50,000+ places to eat in Bangkok alone? Whether you’re here for five-star dining or a funky little café, you’ll find all kinds of gastronomical delights when you arrive. But here’s a secret: head down to the streets instead of the restaurants. The street food is a bargain, and praised by locals and travel’ target=’_blank’> visit ors alike.

If you’re not eating or relaxing, you’re probably shopping. Sightseeing in Bangkok always includes some sort of purchasing spree, whether it’s clothing, crafts, artwork, or that perfect piece of furniture for your living room.

Don’t think you have to head to bed just because the sun has gone down. The nightlife here is hopping with clubs, glowing lights, and river cruises.

What will you do in Bangkok?

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