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  1. this scene is so unrealistic. They are talking really loudly to each other and no one else in the room is talking. Have you ever seen anything like that in a classroom before? No, because it doesn't happen. Either everyone is talking loudly or nobody's talking.

  2. Or "wontons in a restaurant". LOL

  3. She acts like she's 7.

  4. Allison Hannigan is so beautiful.

  5. I think she’s the subconscious reason I like skinny white girls

  6. As a lifelong band geek, I can confirm that the majority of us are indeed perverted as hell.

  7. so this is why when i repeated something to my dad and he said "at band camp" and i got so frustrated i started over and "at band camp" then "at band camp" and "at band camp" every time he made me restart and i never understood till now.

  8. And this is kids, how I met your mother

  9. Sh s was he host for Penn and all elder Fool us, and she looks exactly the same

  10. She would have made a perfect Ariel, twenty years ago. 😀

  11. Selling replays 0:00

  12. Happy 20th Anniversary !!!

  13. Wish a girl would talk to me like this

  14. Whenever i go on and on about something my dad says
    "And this one time, at band camp"

  15. This dude is so done with Michelle I can already tell where this relationship is going…

    QUICK MATHS: Annoying girl at school + marriage = suicide > Annoying girl at school + divorce = no regrets
    90% chance 10% chance

  16. تفرجته في 2019

  17. She reminds me of Lily from "How I Met Your Mother". 😏

  18. Such a cutie pie she is …😍😍

  19. This isn't the flute one I was looking for….

  20. Well hello, Lily Aldrin.

  21. In love with her.

  22. One time at bandcamp …………..

  23. When I saw this movie years ago for the first time I was rolling I couldn't stop laughing after he made out with an apple pie. We use to get high and just watch this shyt.

  24. Dude, she's really cute though

  25. This one time was this one time

  26. good movie

  27. After marching band ended I was awarded ‘most likely to talk about band camp’ by my flute sectional leader.
    I didn’t understand until someone showed me this clip

  28. Lilly was a nasty girl back then 😏😏😏

  29. The reason why I think of the movie American Pie is that I have two celebrity crushes: Alyson Hannigan and Mena Suvari. Boy, they were great on American Pie.

  30. This one time at the movies

  31. She looks and sounds JUST like a girl in my Highschool Class!

  32. This is a constant meme in my house. We say it to each other every day

  33. Shes like a 9

  34. Sadly, this is how band camp goes…

  35. It's the last week of senior year and they sit next to each other and he doesn't know her name. I guess Jim didn't hear her say her name during attendance all those times.

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