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  1. 2 of them are there in pubg 😶

  2. Want to visit military base tower in chernobyl

  3. Thank you for the information

  4. Did not really watch but goodå

  5. I've always wanted to see Chernobyl and now I want to go see that Chinese ghost town!! I would go see them all but those two would be first and last on my tour. Thanks for the great video and have a nice day!

  6. yes i would be

  7. Is This Mylta Power? 2:16
    Supp Pubg Player

  8. I advise you to visit Syrian devastated cities like Aleppo, Homs and eastern Damascus countryside

  9. I m interested in all these places

  10. Finally some grass

  11. 哈哈 我大中国

  12. Im eating my cereal to the beat of this music😂😂

  13. I

  14. hey do how many nuclear bombs did the world witnessed since the bombs creation something like that

  15. call of duty maps

  16. Duga spells like dugA

  17. Chernobal i would visit

  18. Is China hiring caretakers for 6.8 million RMB a year for their ghost cities?

  19. Noone knows about until NOW


  21. I have been to chernobyl. Here is a random fact our guide told us people that sneak into places such as Chernobyl. Are called night stalkers and some are dumb wanting to drink water from the well just to say I'm alive and iv done it.. But anyways there so much more to say

  22. Now we know!

  23. Just pubger know:)))

  24. I would go to every single place listed .DO U DARE TO TAG ALONG

  25. I love ur vids keep it up

  26. First

  27. what is abanded mean

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