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  1. Ong thank you! Me and my cousin are planning to go to Korea for college and get used to a different life style and experience a whole new …..culture?, Tradition? 😂I really don’t know💖 We also want to learn the Korean language as well and korean money. Me and my cousin are still a bit young so we decided that we would wait till we are older and we have to wait 7 years 😢 We are all really excited and decided to do a countdown on the years until we can get outta America 🥳🥳We also thought of learning the language while we wait for the seven years👍🏻Thank you for this!💖💖

  2. 12:13 is that hojusara in the middle?? XD

  3. Fantastic video! I'm going to Korea today and can't wait to visit the places you mentioned.

  4. am i the only one who found she look like jeno from nct ?

  5. Great vidéo merci💜

  6. I want to live in Korea so I can do ALL OF THIS

  7. i love this video! i’m actually saving up to go to seoul as soon as i finish college with my 2 best friends for 2 weeks so this was really helpful:)

  8. Is that miss Mina?! 3:38

  9. I'm going to Korea in 2 weeks, that's one of the best videos I've seen, it helps a lot

  10. Is that Joel at 12:18 at the back? Josh and Ollie's friend, from KoreanEnglishman/JOLLY?

  11. From one aussie to another, keep up the great videos! Kim, if you are looking for some other ideas for Seoul and also Korea's other big city Busan, you should check this out:

  12. Yeah, with friends. I got none 😂

  13. Eat eat eat how the girls so thin?

  14. Cool video 💯 going here on oct 😁

  15. Thanks!!!

    I'll travel to Korea for new year with my family💖🐼

  16. I hear Koreans treat black people poorly in Korea.

  17. Thank u for making like this
    But plz make a summerize ~~~

  18. Hongdae, and Gangnam for food, drinks, and people.
    Itaewon is the expat area (go on the Street behind the Hamilton Hotel) multinational food, drinks, shopping, people, and lots of English.
    Myeong-dong and Dongdaemun for shopping and sightseeing.
    Subway is super easy with colors and numbers. Taxis are cheaper than the US, Europe, or Japan.
    Waze is good for navigation, Kakao is Hangouts/Skype/maps get it, and Google Translate is take picture functional for translation. Think menu.
    Have fun and enjoy.

  19. NO!!! Don't go to this country untill they STOP EATING DOG MEAT!!!! they are the animals!!

  20. 07:22 i got my wallet stolen at jimjim bang. Always make sure to have your keys wrapped around your arms when you go to sleep! I made a stupid mistake by putting the keys right next to me while asleep lol

  21. very informative! 🙂

  22. not too bad, but we loves to see the more of the S.KOREANS countries sides.. …….

  23. Kimchi, kimchi, and kimchi for me please!

  24. 3:38. I see Fun and tasty tv

  25. I’m in Seoul!! Thumbs up 👍🏼

  26. Super nice!!!! Ill be in seoul this month ill follow ur guide 😘

  27. I like YG because they made BLACKPINK but I Hate YG cause they disbanded 2NE1 my rock group

  28. You're the champion of making videos like this. A1 work fam. 🏆

  29. I like your accent! So cuute!

  30. Me and my Friend are going this December I actually cannot wait to experience the culture and food and just everything else.

    Thank you for a helpful video 😀

  31. Are you from South Korea 🇰🇷??

  32. Awesome! We are in living in Songdo right now!

  33. is that Mina from sweet and tasty on the train??

  34. I miss seoul so much 💜 this made me so nostalgic😢

  35. 3:39 isn’t that sweetandtastytv?

  36. 04:47
    I dont wanna ruin you guy's feeling..
    bur to be honest, kimbab is not the Korean sushi…..

    sushi is Japanese food
    well Kimbab and sushi are diffirent food each other

    therefore Kimbab is just Korean food with salted sea weed, rise, meet(sometimes tuna) and lots of kind vege
    It's totally diffirent with sushi anyway

    There are sushi looks like a Kimbab, the name is California roll in Japan 😊

    Anyway thanks for announcing Korean culture!!

  37. Please do us a video about the cheapest hotel there and where can we exchage money

  38. Also try to go to amusement parks. I also want to try bungee jumping but I can’t go to Korea though

  39. Kimdao . Thanks so much for this video! I really appreciate this bc this vid is very useful for me ..specially bc I don't know much about korean places to visit.. I hope to visit seoul soon💜💜😭😍

  40. I wish I had money!! Haha

  41. This video should be titled 2 things to do in Korea. Shop and eat, Zzzzzzzz……

  42. Very useful video for someone who's planning to visit Seoul! Thank you so much! 😀

  43. anyone going korea this sept? lol

  44. During the subway part, I saw Mina Oh.

  45. where is dongdaemon????

  46. Now I'm hungry 😀

  47. 50 things to do ….

    No money…

  48. We saw msminaoh in the subway💖

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