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  1. I'm a veteran of enough 12-14 hour flights in Economy to disagree with your advice to book a window seat. All the airlines I've flown have three seats on the window side. That means one is at the mercy of two others to be able to get up and go to the bathroom, stretch their legs, etc. These days the seating pitch is so tight climbing over a fellow passenger, or a tray table, for that matter, is impossible. Further, on only ONE flight have I been in a row where one of the seats was empty.

  2. Hello, Alex, Thanks very much, my soon travel to Dubai will be helpful. Zz

  3. Great tips. As someone who works for the airline I recommend bringing cleaning wipes. The people who clean don't wipe down the trays or armrests. So bringing Lysol wipes (or your favorite wipes) to make sure you don't get sick from gems on the plane.

    Another tip is bring a portable charger. This way you can charge your phone in case your seat has no charger, tablet, etc… your item(s) are fully charged at your destination.

    But if you wear your headphones, take them out to talk to the flight attendants. Don't let them wait on you.

  4. 12 year olds going on a plane: mooomm i need gum

    Braces: hahahahahhaha bitch no imma make this really terrible for ya.

  5. This is a great video! I’m going to London next week, and if I hadn’t watched this video, I would have taken a water bottle with a straw 😂 ! Thanks so much!

  6. Thank you so much, this helped me a lot! I have an 11 hour flight to Israel in 4 days, and I'm really nervous for the flight. I found out I have a middle seat on the way there and I get very nauseous and motion sick on planes. How would I be able to switch that? I get very claustrophobic.

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