Here are 13 amazing places on earth that are definitely worth adding to your bucket list. The world is filled with surreal beauty, both natural and man made.

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  1. All were very interesting! Especially #7 (3:12), The Haiku stairs used to be a must to experience. Despite the dangers, security, trespassing, and vandalising is still on going.
    It took over 3 hours to climb and about 2 to come down. It had close to 4,000 steps and was definitely not
    recommended for weak kneed and heavy smokers😂.

  2. #6 the falling water reminds me of the Cullen’s house from the movie twilight

  3. Amazing places. Visit my channel too for another amazing places in Indonesia.

  4. Wow it's so surreal.

  5. there is a St Michael's Mount in cornwall england too look very simler

  6. Global warming hoax lol. Thumbs down for propoganda bs…. stfu.

  7. Bioluminescence is also found on the coast of Ravenna, Italy, every September. It's called the Sea in Love.

  8. I used TO to in holiday where there's the Christ of the Abyss. I still remember the exact spot.

  9. Alright i clicked on this. If i dont see the thumbnail n here its story…. I will find you

  10. were the thumbnail in the video

  11. Deception pass bridge wasn't the only deception here huh!

    Amazing Hidden Nature In Sri Lanka

  13. Nice view ,it's so interesting

  14. Westhamsoccerclub

  15. #1 looks like a fun overnight….does it come with midget gypsies

  16. So want to stay overnight at Monte San Michele and write poetry…ma be even a live sonnet

  17. What's better than roses on ah piano
    2 lips on an organ

  18. I want to c #12 and queen hatchepsuts temple in Egypt. These are so cool

  19. It did say unreal places.

  20. Mielinė ai gaminiai

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