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  2. why are you so affraid of a NON English speaking country??? maybe if you rename your video to "12 absolute best destination for ENGLISH speakers" I get it, if you suffer with languages and do not know google translate (or any aother app) it is NOT AS EASY as an English speaking country.

    I have travel since the 1990's and with just 2 languages… BUT NOW it is sooo easy to travel without a languge other than English. '
    Love you!! and damm pretty you are!!!

  3. Do you have any advice for single travelers? I'm widowed.

  4. Australia is a continent, not a country…

  5. I went to turkey it was first trip and
    It was amazing

  6. Wow Mexico the best destinaron for ever.

  7. I booked my first solo trip to italy

  8. Dumb question. Do u use google translate when in a foreign country?

  9. Going on my first non-work related trip soon. Switzerland!

  10. I really want to visite the baltics as my first solo travel. The cities and the countryside look very interesting to me. Somebody got any experiences or stories from there?

  11. Thailand
    New Zealand

    Writing this down so I can take a screenshot

  12. You've been to Chile and you still pronounce it incorrectly

  13. I would suggest anywhere but Amsterdam in Netherlands as your first trip abroad Amsterdam while it has many good points the fact you get so many tourists going there for sex and drugs actually detracts from it, I would recommend Utrecht, Den Haag, Rotterdam, Delft or Maastricht over Amsterdam.

  14. Hi!!!! I did go to Mayan Reviera was I was 15, and I’m now 23 and I really want to go to Switzerland and the UK! It is in the near future for me! ❤️❤️ lové from Québec, 🇨🇦

  15. what about Cuba?

  16. Thailand is the best country !

  17. Skip Singapore go to Malaysia, it's much cheaper

  18. lol she told Tamil as Tamaley !!!

  19. I’m 19 years old and I will be traveling alone (with friends and not my parents) for the first time. I have cancer though and a weak immune system. I also cannot get any vaccination as it will get me sick or kill me. What location would be the best for me in that case?
    Any help is appreciated.

  20. Which states would you recommend travelling to?

  21. I am heading to France as my first trip in 22 days.😁😁😁😁😁👍

  22. Thinking about travelling alone for the first time and I'm torn between Switzerland, Italy and France

  23. I was told my a friend that lives in Mexico to stay in the resort area or else I would go missing 😰

  24. my first international trip was to Guatemala. That was a culture shock.

  25. Iceland is another great country.

  26. Great Video. Thank you for posting.

  27. 12 ABSOLUTE BEST DESTINATIONS for FIRST TIME Travelling Americans.

  28. my first “big” vacation was to Puerto Rico or Disney world

  29. Start traveling while your young, trust me on that one!


  31. Going to Cape Town, South Africa.

  32. I'm going to Germany and Italy in less than a month and this will be my first solo trip. I AM SO EXCITED!!!

  33. Hi I’m going to Amsterdam for the first time in 2 weeks for a day trip so does anyone have any suggestions on specific places to go and things to do.

  34. Maldives! How easy is it as a first timer (solo traveller)?

  35. I am gonna make my first solo trip in 2020. Right now, the most probable destination is Indonesia

  36. I’m hitting Austria Italy and Germany most likely next month for my first time 🙌🏻🙌🏻

  37. Thank you for your enthusiastic, informative unbiased suggestions for travel destinations. Love the scenes!

  38. I think Taiwan Italy or the US would be my first choices, however World War II tour would be pretty cool as well.

  39. Stop calling asian places exotic.

  40. im thinking of going to norway this fall <3

  41. when my girlfriend and i are 18 [were gonna be 15 and 16 this year weve been together for a year] were gonna travel the world together before we go to college and after that were gonna get married

  42. Malaysia and Namibia should be here

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