Sri Lanka may be a small island in the Indian Ocean but that’s the only thing small about it. The country, formerly known as Ceylon, boasts an ancient civilization, golden sandy beaches with their swaying coconut palms, mountains, and tea plantations. While visit ing the island, you’ll see colonial architecture from the days when the Portuguese, Dutch and English ruled. You’ll also see lots of elephants, some of which participate in local festivals and, if you’re lucky, perhaps a leopard or two at a wildlife sanctuary. Here’s a look at the best places to visit in Sri Lanka:



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  1. Wow….The elephants dressed and illuminated with led bulbs etc are so strange

  2. awesome video.. You can know travel to beter place.. see my blog @t you must watch this

  3. I love you Sri Lanka

  4. Sri Lanka is very beautiful Buddhist country in world

  5. Woow beautiful

  6. It is true ,
    really sri lanka is beautiful country .
    I visit many times there.
    from : Malaysia.

  7. Beautiful landscapes, what a country, but politicians are deaf and blind . Sad 😔

  8. I love my country 🇱🇰🇱🇰🇱🇰🇱🇰🇱🇰🇱🇰🇱🇰

  9. This is a my country it's a beautiful

  10. Sri lanka is a very beautiful country in the world…proud to be a sri lankan …..

  11. such a nice country i have never seen before.

  12. You must include "Nuwara Eliya" to this list…

  13. I am unsure as to why anyone would travel to SL . WAYYYYYYYYYY too expensive. Hotels cost more than hotels in the US. Go anywhere else and it is cheaper and the locals will try to screw you by hiking up prices. A white tourist is fair game.

  14. which music is in background ??

  15. nice video.

  16. So beautiful thank you for post ❤️

  17. I love my country

  18. I Love my Mother Sri Lanka. 💖

  19. Most site descriptions are false, please do corrections… !

  20. யாழ்பாணத்தி இதைவிட திறம் இடம் இருக்கு.

  21. My country is so beautiful

  22. what is the music on the background

  23. Nuwara Eliya is not on your list??

  24. Portuguese & dutch did not steal wealth from Ceylon. English people did.
    Native people can’t run the business in their own land. All tea estate own by British
    British asked Tamils to work for them as slave
    But Ceylon Tamils refused. Then brought South Indian to work for them.
    After that some sort of problem was started between South Indian & British
    Only way to solve the problems. British must hire Ceylon Tamils. My father took over the power all tea estate in Kandy. Which mean in charge of all tea estate.
    South Indian Tamils are happy to work for my father.

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