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  1. yoo i remembered the bali airport is sooooo scary outside i almost get kick in the face because a man was taking photos of me smoking i guess he didn't see women smoking before

  2. You are such a VSCO girl lol

  3. Nobody:
    Mai: 16 and travelling alone to Bali
    Me: 13 with 12 yo brother travelling alone from Canada to Brazil

  4. Did anyone else see the person out side at 17:53 and she’s just like oops didn’t mean to look

  5. She’s 16? Does she go to school?

  6. That water slide looks so fun!

  7. Bali is so beautiful!

  8. I went to Bali this summer ( I stayed in semi yak for 1 week and Ubud another ) and I swear I went to the same waterfall as u did ! Love Bali! Xx

  9. wow if only i could last-minute book a flight with a friend… you're living life

  10. Could u do a vid on like how you prep for travel? Things like phone plan (out of country), things to think about before you go, travel first time trips? I’m so nervous I may be traveling to the phillipines for the first time to meet a friend lol I need all the help I can get.

  11. yesss vancouverrr

  12. does anyone else notice that the guy behind her is watching? 2:50

  13. ayeee vancouver lolol

  14. At 18 I had to beg my mom to travel but she's 16 and she's off, I wishhh😂😂

  15. how much did you actually pay for the airbnb 😂😂😂

  16. Oh that's Talise!! She's so sweet!! We're signed with the same modelling agency. Also I just really like watching your videos

  17. what do you use to film underwater?

  18. ok but why don't more people talk abt your amazazing singing

  19. omg i lived in bali🙂

  20. How deep was the water when you jumped off the cliff?

  21. I was three times in Bali and the waterfalls are sooooo beatiful BUT the stairs GODDD died haha sry for bad english (im 13 and german so yeah) haha

  22. Omg girl I didn’t know u were that young

  23. What was the place with the natural waterslide called?

  24. How am I older then you I legit thought you were my age (which is 20).

  25. traveling to my backyard alone at 16 (trying to not get kidnapped??)


  27. i love her outro song, anyone know what it is?

  28. I just watched a 47 meters uncaged trailer just for you Mai! 😣

  29. how can you get a tattoo if your 16?

  30. I could never travel alone that shit is scary

  31. Hold on r you 16😭😭
    Omg I’m 16 too and my parents barely let me go out

  32. woah.. you’re a great singer!

  33. You are such a mood I love it

  34. i thought the girl was 16 OMFG
    she looks so pretty at 13

  35. This is a dream acation

  36. Oh my gosh your singing😍😍

  37. Lamo I’m also 16 and my mum sad that I can’t traveled by train xd

  38. 16 years old and living the life

  39. You’re 16??! I literally thought you was 19 or something 😂😂

  40. Girl 😂😂

  41. Wait? She is 16 but drives a car? How

  42. Whats ur friends utube??

  43. Anyone else notice the mouse/cursor in the thumbnail ??

  44. How did you travel around Bali

  45. there's no uber, but we have grab and go jek.

  46. Wow your so independent 😂❤️

  47. I literally can’t go anywhere by myself , HOW ?

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