From Bora Bora to Las Vegas, we count down Top 10 Vacations In The World.

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Top 10 Vacation Spots In The World



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  2. Kid you need to get out more, the fact that Egypt even makes this list is a joke

  3. How about Fiji

  4. I've lived in New york for years and it's not good to live but it's good to travel

  5. Who else is watching this bc they're not doing or going anywhere for summer

  6. He knows nothing come to Cardenas in Cuba it’s got everything to white sands and Cristal clear seas and 90F temperatures allso I live there

  7. It is a very beautiful picture.
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  8. 10 for 10 baby! Black excellence ✨

  9. Yeah I would say the best one on the list is the Bahamas for sure

  10. Aye wear is hawaii😂

  11. Absolutely Amazing. I'm from Trinidad and Tobago 🇹🇹 and I love the tropics. Wanna visit a great beach in the Caribbean? Check out my YouTube video to see one of our great beaches, Maracas

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  13. Picture of Moorea French Polynesia for the Bahamas, that explains how terrible this list is

  14. You all stop it . Please . The best place on this planet it’s called GREECE

  15. Where puerto rico at bro?

  16. 1.Greece
    9. Greece

    Fixed it

  17. aliens 🙄

  18. been to 7/10 of the places in the list, any one been to all 10?

  19. Hello frends pliz help mi in my chanall 😊(subscraib )

  20. I want vacation away from New York

  21. Cardenas was not on there just wtf why

  22. I ran down the street naked and my testicles accidently hit the this ladies car windshield and broke it ! The cops were called and made me pay for her broken windshield ! I went to court and the damn judge sided with the cops ! The judge said I was responsible for my body parts doing damage on public property. She gave me 30 days in jail because I took my Balls out in court and started juggling them . She said ," Big Deal! Anyone can juggle 2 balls!

  23. As someone who visited Thailand, no one will arrest you at a massage parlor 😉

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