Here are a list of top 10 destinations of Jeju island in South Korea. We truly had an amazing time there and wanted to share a little bits of the trip . I hope you could also make a trip there. Enjoy!

Top 10 Muji:

Top 10 Daiso

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Typhoon – Ehrling
X-rated – Ehrling
OYM (Open Your Mind) – SKANDR
Mai tai – Jeff kaale
Memory – Mr. Fijiwiji
Lush – dyalla
Flips And Flops, Drips and Drops – Electric Mantis
ABlues – DJ Grumble
sunday service. – Ryan Little
Burning – NOWË –
Hush – MÆSON


Vlog Camera: Canon G7 X
Other Bigger Camera: Canon 80d
Lens: Canon EF-S 10-18mm
Action Camera: GoPro 4 Silver
TriPod: Joby GorillaPod
Drone: DJI Phantom 3
Drone backpack: Manfrotto MB BP-D1



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  1. This will come in handy for when we go to South Korea! Thank you 😁

  2. Thank you, your video is very helpful and i especially appreciate your personal inputs 🙂

  3. I want 2 go!!!!!!!!

  4. Nice video ☺️ what month did you visit jeju?

  5. what about in January or Febuary– traveling to Jeju? good idea or BAD?

  6. Shooting was amazing

  7. See that editing tool that you use to make sudden zooms and then slow it down, it is fine to use ONCE in a video, not every ten seconds, you fucking idiot! Relax and let the images do the talking and stop fucking with them. It gets tired really quickly.

  8. Bro, you have an amazing video, the picture and the editing are impeccable. However, if you could list all the nice spots down below or link an article in a text form which makes us easier to find, we would all be more appreciated. Thank you.


  10. Oh man. Our family just got back from a 3 day stay in Jeju, and now after seeing your video… I must go back!

  11. Hi, i from malaysia and i will travel to Korea very soon, i saw the restaurant you been to for the black pork, may i know what is the name of the restaurant?
    your help will be very appreciated and btw its a good vlog for jeju island tour !

  12. Hey, which part of the year did you go in? Wondering because you said it's extremely hot and humid. Thanks 🙂

  13. Hello Mr. Donkey. I have been to Jeju twice and your vlog made me miss the place even more. Your vlog is something Filipinos will love. Magnificent shots and transitions and your travel tips are really helpful.

    Please visit the Philippines if you have time and fall in love with the culture, places, food, and people. =)

    Kudos for more trips and travels! =)

  14. Seogwipo 👌 I love that place

  15. jeju island really beautiful,
    but I can't reach there
    because I live in India

  16. Dude your drone and editing game is amazing!!! Thanks so much for this!!

  17. Yes! Jeju island is beautiful. So many places and attraction to visit.❤❤❤ Im living here for 7yrs.

  18. I like it !

  19. I like it !

  20. Thank you for sharing your video it was awesome !! My sister and I are going to South Korea very soon and are super excited !! we will be checking out some of the places that have been recommended.

  21. Jeju was great, especially Mt. Hallasan.

  22. Great footage! It is beautifully shot. But the voice over audio is so thin. Gotta get a good mic♡♡

  23. Amazing!! ❤️ 🎉

  24. Jeju mot tinh nam tren hon dao ngoai khoi phia nam han quoc phong canh rat dep

  25. We have lived here for 20 years 20 years ago this was a beautiful island now it is overrun with tourists, rental cars, buses and trash. The huge resorts are destroying the beauty of the island. What a shame what a shame.

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  27. by chance can I have the name of the Black Pork restaurant 🙂 would like to go when I visit soon

  28. Nice video
    Enjoyed. From jeju^^

  29. This is the best video of Jeju I have seen and I have seen many! thanks. For a vegetarian it is uncomfortable to see long clip on pork meat, for insensitivity to sentient beings. Sensitivity to beauty can not be revealed unless you are sensitive to suffering, sensitivity is like a magnet it comes with opposites.

  30. Tang inang jeju yan di kami nakapasok di kami pinawilaan na mag to tour kami
    Ma advice ko lang mahirap pumasok jan kung sabi ng immigration na di ka pwede di talaga bwiset yan sayang pera ko jan

  31. Woljeong beach is the best~ stayed at Aqua Beautique poolvilla. Definitely affordable and beautiful!!!

  32. Awesome video! What do you use to edit your videos?

  33. Where is the last place ?

  34. Whoa the island looks nice! If I took a trip there I will definitely would like to go hiking.

  35. Very nice places, it's a helpful video. I selected a few places to visit in my next trip to Jeju on April 👍🏻 Like it.

  36. Thank you for the video, going to 제주도 in May–June 🙂

  37. Hi, where did you get the hand free neck band fan in South Korea? What’s the name of the store? Thanks 🙏🏼

  38. Hi, where did you get the hand free neck band fan in South Korea? What’s the name of the store? Thanks 🙏🏼

  39. Love every frame in this clip.

  40. How is it for a foreign tourist? I heard there are no English signs and I guess the people there don't speak much English. Will it be hard to get around? And what about hotels? Does the staff speak any English? I'm not sure whether I should visit this place with such a language barrier.

  41. Great to watch you again 🙂

  42. Helloooo! You have been missed! 🙂 Hello to Minju! 🙂 Awesome video!! Jeju is amazing… beautiful places, delicious food, (also your music & editing was great)! I'm glad you got to see this place & that you and Minju got to be together!! 🙂 <3 <3 Your videos are special, classy, and much better than most of the same type!! Take care!! Hope to see you back sooner 🙂

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