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  1. How do you have enough money to continue traveling if you just go somewhere and continue around the world. Do you do random jobs around the world?

  2. I need to travel alone and find myself ❤️

  3. this video makes me want to sell my kidney and go traveling solo right now , GO GO

  4. I've recently been on a solo trip to Diu island, India. The place is really awesome and has five secluded beaches, ideal for me. Highly recommended for solo travellers or even couples for that matter.

  5. Traveling alone gets old real fast. Trust me i traveled for 11 months solo around the world. It started to get old and boring real fast. I ended it early to go back home. Everyone is different, But going from airport to airport and hotel to hotel in so many countries got repetitive and with nobody with you it got lonely. I personally wouldn't do it again.

  6. so much bullshit. Travel sucks waste of money and time.

  7. This video is absolutely fantastic. It hits every reason people need to travel in general

  8. Medical care.

  9. So cabbies in Shanghai ever pass you by…empty with the available light on.

  10. Ok. This is s very cassian works view. Group or not…you will absolutely test the boundaries. Aka, risk your safety. Do tell the 10 scariest things that happened to you traveling solo.

  11. Move your feet and HA HA HA 🤣

  12. Nice!

  13. Just want to do this but school fucks me and actually doesn’t learn me the important things in life they only teach me to do a job for almost the rest of my life. Cant wait till I’m old enough to decide watch I really want to do with my life.

  14. Are there any tips to have visa to travel abroad?

  15. I love this video! I have always enjoyed doing things on my own but I have never taken a trip on my own!

  16. What are the soundtracks on this video

  17. I love solo traveling.👍✌❤

  18. thanks for this video saw it a while back, it really inspired me I AM CURRENTLY PACKING MY BAGS FOR MY FIRST EVER SOLO TRIP HEADING OVER TO PARIS

  19. Cool vid. I'm about to go to Thailand solo for a few weeks. First time travelling solo and first time leaving Europe…

  20. This is most definitely so much like me

  21. Solo travel is absolutely the best. iv been doing it for 3 years and I love it. I learned soooo much 🙂

  22. I have decided. I'm backpacking through Europe…SOLO!

  23. Im traveling to manchester in 2 weeks i will be alone and its even my first time traveling outside my country Its a really huge challenge for me and im only 19. But this vid supported me and made me more excited !

  24. yeah but i don't wanna die u know what i mean

  25. Thanks for this video guys. I'm gonna go on a solo adventure in december for at least two months, going to Thailand, Philippines and Cambodia. I've been travelling before but never alone. This video is really helps with the nervs lol

  26. Thank you, this really motivated me.

  27. i'm gonna try to do a traveling in 3 month to Thailand, Japan Austraila and USA by myself im kind of scared cuz im just s shy person and my english is not the best, i can understand and can use basic english but. i don't know im just scared to be by myself and figure out what im doing. Buuut i think im more exited actually i ALWAYS wanted to travel around, and i would love to have my friends with me but i also think i need to do this alone. i want to do thinks and not look back when im older and think damn why didn't i?

    Soo hopefully sometime around 2018 im gonna say bye bye to sweden for 3 month and say hello to the world.

  28. Any one want to travel solo with me?

  29. I hate traveling alone because I'll get bored, lonely and have no one to share the experience with.

  30. 1:18 what place is it?

  31. thanks for the extra motivation I'll be in Thailand this September and catch my videos in September plz

  32. "home in", not "hone in".

  33. What are the songs on this video?

  34. so how do you have enough money to do all these things that's what I'm till trying to find out.

  35. I feel that traveling solo connects you to Mother Earth more! There's nothing better than sitting in solitude with no one else talking, just sounds of nature…

  36. ive traveled alone my last two vacations california, switzerland, italy. you really do find yourself and meet great people this way I just wish I realised how much I love solo travel before the age of 24

  37. y'all guys are the best inspiration in deciding to travel solo after inviting close friends to go with me on a roadtrip and most of them declining the invitation I said " f*ck it I'll go by myself " and I had so much fun just by myself

  38. its totally horrible travelling alone in some areas of the world i don't recommend it in all situations a lot of lonely times

  39. Currently saving to go to Australia on a working holiday visa for a year, starting in May next year! so excited! ✈️

  40. sitting in the airport right now waiting for my flight to Peru on my first solo trip and I'm SO EXCITED!

  41. Going to Bali alone after I graduate from college!

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