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  1. dakhla beach in Morocco

  2. Beaches of Guam are amazing

  3. What about the Colombian islands San Andres & Providencia?

  4. Not convinced.

  5. I guess it's up to everyone's taste.. I don't like number 1 at all… except the sand and the water is surrounded by plain hotels and bungalows.. I would rather pick up something with flora 🙂

  6. Philippines have pink beach,black beach,white powdery beach.Actually we have lots of white powdery beach not only boracay,balabac palawan,elnido,coron,kalangkagaman,and many more.See for urself its like u own the whole beach just explore the 7000+ islands of the Philippines also u will amaze how the local interract with u.The smiling and good character of the people.Philippines is safe for everyone to visit.

  7. Seriously I agree! The Philippines !!!!!! Best white sand beaches, clearest water, plenty of attractions inexpensive beautiful scenery caves, fish and beautiful creatures for miles under water!

  8. Ummm what about Bonaire?!?

  9. Breathtaking

  10. Tulum is not the same as it was in 2017, its hyped up to much, there are much better beaches around the world, an the best beach in my opinion in Cancun is in Playa Mujures.
    I'm really surprised Eagle beach isn't on your list, apparently its the 3rd best beach in the world 🗺 🤔

  11. Tulum isn’t even a top5 beach in Mexico 🤦🏽‍♂️

  12. Kare Kare, Newzealand

  13. romantic and comfort

  14. Where’s Blackpool beach? It has a theme park on it 😂

  15. Not even one beach from Brazil? Really?

  16. Where are Sardegna and Sicilia


  18. Woow soo beautiful

  19. Bali Maldives Seychelles .?…

  20. Cox's Bazar beach (Bangladesh) is world largest beach you are not describe here…It's a so beautiful beach .

  21. Sorry can’t take this list seriously with no mention of Amanpulo’s beach. It’s my #1. Most of your beaches have way too many people/crowds for my taste. And not one beach listed from Anguilla? Really?

  22. Where are Philippines ? Best beaches in all South East Asia🇵🇭 💙

  23. Opinion very skewed the number 9 has nothing attractive as a beach. It is incompressible in a top 10 not having the Maldives, the beaches of the Philippines

  24. Totally not agree

  25. Amazing tour !

  26. Go to Philippines especially in Amanpulo a lot of holly wood celebrity and elite people go there it’s really a paradise.

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