One year, infinite possibilities. Our in-the-know travel pros have done their annual picks of the top 10 countries, cities, regions and best value destinations to go to in the year ahead.

Find out which other destinations else made our top picks: travel



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  1. iwant go to there but iam poor, abeatiful place

  2. anyone have the transcript


  4. You have really created a magnific video !!! I love to travel the world ❤️
    Congrats, Great job 👍🏻 thumb’s up 😁

    Greetings from Lugano, Switzerland 🇨🇭

  5. Indonesia 🇮🇩 Nepal 🇳🇵 Philippines 🇵🇭 love 😍 fren forever

  6. srilanka is so beautiful i really loved holidaying there.

  7. Sri L anka's must see places of all time

  8. Liverpool England one of the best cities to visit in the world

  9. Thanks for the service it's excellent views worth a visit and good luck too

  10. Philippines is the most paradise island.

  11. As long as you never end up in club handed clump minded vile dogshit Britain you'll be fine

  12. srilanka looks similar to kerala

  13. Kerala – Gods own country ( backwaters, house boats, munnar, kovalam, wayanad etc.. )

  14. Sri Lanka 🇱🇰 🧡 , best in the 🌎

  15. This list is exciting, I want to go to all of them! I use

    If you guys know any other
    websites, let me know!

  16. I live in Sri Lanka and I know it's true beauty. Take some time to come and visit it's true beauty.

  17. Bali is never died

  18. Serbia – beautiful nature and food, Montenegro – Mountains and Sea, Croatia – Adriatic sea – crystal clear water:

  19. if you want to get raped and mugged go to srilanka . Srilanka has a very poor human rights record. please do your research before going to srilanka ….

  20. Dear White People, I would highly warn you from going to sri lanka. Pls go to Bali and get your exotic rush there. We dont need more.

  21. I love Egypt, was there twice way in the past, I still want to go someday to visit Valley of Kings,Luxor, etc, the snorkeling in the Red Sea is amazing, but it is not a destination that should be recommended now, it is far too dangerous; I know that danger is everywhere around us, but a publication as Lonely Planet should not recommend this destination now

  22. Sri Lankan hospitality never any Asian countries….

  23. Sri Lanka. Wonder of Asia

  24. Sri Lanka aiyooooooo

  25. I hate that Sri Lanka is being pushed so much. I've been living there with a family a few years ago and they tell me the country is changing so rapidly – and not for the better. Hotels and tourist areas growing at every single nice spot und people getting greedy for the western money. It's a shame because it truly is a wonderful country.

  26. Where is Portugal? Portugal gained 17 world awards, including "World's leading destinations" and "World's leading island destination".

  27. These lists only bring more mass tourism to relatively unspoilt countries. Let's wait for Sri Lanka – a country I am particularly interested in – to end like Italy, Spain or Thailand.

  28. Pakistan amazing

  29. How does LP come to these recommendations ? Throwing a dart at a world map and proclaiming wherever the dart hits is the new “hot destination “?

  30. Italy is one of our favourite places. Will have to go to Denmark and Sri Lanka looks amazing

  31. What about North Korea?

  32. Why do people like Copenhagen it beats me

  33. As a solo traveler, Egypt was the most dangerous country I have ever visited and I was constantly sexually assaulted everywhere I went. I suggest going with a group and women, be ever so careful. NO JOKE. I wouldn't go back anytime soon, even if I was paid to. Yes, the temples and sites are amazing but they have been there over 2000 years, I'd wait till the government gets better and women are safe to walk the streets.

  34. WOOW Sri Lanka 🇱🇰 WOOW Egypt 🇪🇬

  35. Don't visit Copenhagen in Summer. It's a beautiful city, but there are way too many tourists. I was there this summer for one day and this was already too much for me.

  36. Would love to visit here one day!

  37. Watch the beauty of top 5 countries with video

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  39. Sri Lanka 💖 Denmark & Egypt

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