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  1. I just got to Nashville after taking two flights to get here. I got the email about checking in early thinking, “I don’t see why people check in early? I’ll wait to get the airport and just check in”….guess where I sat. In the middle on both flights, so now I know. Definitely won’t make that mistake again!

  2. Carry enough Power bank to make sure your battery is not dead

  3. I’ll take a positive traveler on a trip to the beautiful places of the Carpathian Mountains, as well as introduce them to local people and their customs, cost $ 250, travel period in the Carpathians – 3 days

  4. I’m like you traveling to

  5. Does anyone know what job she has

  6. If you have a black bag, tie a colored ribbon on it….

  7. When your at the airport use an app called app in the air it tells you all the details about your flight when u put your ticket number in I love this because I get so panicky even if I have lots of time so I don’t have to go to the screens I can just take out my phone ❤️

  8. Omg dying with the boarding early story 😩🤣🤣🤣

  9. Mistakes;
    1. Forgetting your phone charger
    2. Not bringing an eye mask esp hostels
    3. Buying a black suitecase they )look the same as everyone elses)
    4. Not researching the country
    5. Not getting a Dust bag for shoes
    6. Early flights so go early to airport (watch the departures board i personally went through so often n this and ran through an airport)
    7. Going to resteraunts at the airport
    8. Checking in late (they might give your seat away)
    9. Not Locking your luggage!
    10. The secret to a fulfilling trip
    Historic pkaces, modern museum, culinary try food, somethings adventourous out of comforr zone)

  10. I travel so much i basically live in a flipping plane these are awesome

  11. This vid can be summed up as don't be lazy

  12. Hey to fix the early boarding problem download your airline’s app and put in your flight number. It’ll update you on the status.

  13. My check in bag is hot pink and my carry on is pink with emojis. I think I’m good

  14. the intro was amazing

  15. Spray paint your bay or paint it

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  17. THIS is so helpful I deserve a like !💗👏

  18. You are so disorganized!!!

  19. I love black bags so I bought a black one but to make sure I can tell it apart. I bought a luggage cover with a cool patern on it and added a bright neon luggage tag

  20. Great video and so true..coincidence we will be talking about that in our channel soon..

  21. My mum decided to take us to airport 13 hours early

  22. Thanks for the Addvice, I have a flight in 3 days and good thing I saw this vid before.
    So I give a like.
    And Sub. Monica, U earned it!

  23. Travel hack – if you forget your phone charger instead of buying an over priced one just ask lost and found at the airport or your hotel. Guarantee they’ll have a charger for your phone lol

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  25. Regardless of what color bag you get (someone else could get the same one!) you should get a colorful and/or design cloth ribbon, cut one length and tie it securely to your luggage. Cut a small piece to keep with you so you can show it to lost & found if it doesn’t arrive at baggage claim. If you have more than one piece of luggage, use pieces from the same ribbon as well.

  26. I bought an golden bag so no body take it 😂😂

  27. I love how cinematic this isssss gave me chills

  28. i watched the first 30 seconds of the video and gave her a thumbs up , amazing video! ur so sympathetic

  29. Excellent video 😍 greetings from

  30. I had uder mastaks do you Wahnt to here date

  31. I did The same mastaks to

  32. Make sure you have the correct mobile boarding pass, and delete any old boarding passes before you download a new one. I didn't realize I had an expired one from exactly a year earlier, same flight. I got through security with it, but the gate number didn't match. The gate agent looked me up and printed me the correct boarding pass.

  33. Mistakes AND how to avoid them.  Well done!  Safe travels!

  34. My bag is black with the texture of silk mixed with Gucci blend it into a soft fabric

    Which I bought at the dollar store

  35. Number 1 travel tip: avoid black people at all costs.

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