Lets take a tour to Seoul South Korea. One of the largest cities in the world renowned for its architecture, technical advancements and friendly people. Lets take a walk in Seoul. #Seoul #SouthKorea



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  1. soul is cool city

  2. South Korea is safety country but other than that we don't have any great culture.

    1.The air from China is getting bad , sky is darker and darker.I've never seen such a bad color.I don't think it's good for health.

    2.We were poor country so still eating dogs culture and few people drink shit alcoholic drink(tongsul).The food is too spicy for you as well.The grossest red food looks garbage food.We likely spend homeless life until 19th.

    3.Highest Lie perjury rate , highest suicide rate in the world.President No Mu-hyeon passed away by suicide.After 2 President were arrested by illegal(some lie). And we have to go good college to join good company, if we can't do that we have to think suicide. Samsung has 25% power of GDP. If you can go Samsung, it's super happy life. So extremely choose Samsung or Suicide.It's very bad balance society.But Samsung is Lying company too. lol

    4.President Moon,government,media,school,emotional,everything brainwashed controled by North Korea.We call it 'Red team'.Father of President Moon originally from North Korea.

    5. 0 Nobel prize.Actually we have 1 medal but it was peace prize so it doesn't worth.We've never contributed to the world.We grew up with everything tought or copied and improved from another country.


  3. Wow they never leave the phones😂

  4. Love it Thanks for sharing 👍❤️

  5. Excellant

  6. Non-native English narration! How hard the guy is trying to sound North-American… 😄😄

  7. Seoul, unlike Tokyo, which is only chaotic, seems to have good urban planning and good spatial design. Unlike the cluttered Kanto Plain, the mountains are close and you can feel the appropriate distance from nature.

  8. korean poo wine best wine

  9. Life in these East Asian countries is very different from Caucasian countries we are accustomed to seeing.

  10. great info…the narrator voice sound really cool..he can be a good rapper. just a thought. peace out.

  11. I love my country

  12. I miss my mother country.

  13. Save korea from islamic peoples

  14. 11:35 probably they are Japanese

  15. Welcome to Seoul ~~~♡

  16. this is the city where roy jones jr, the second greatest middlewight fighter after ray robinson, dropped a decision in a clear shut out in the 1988 olympics the same year i travelled to singapore, to meet my family

  17. Do they have mosques in seoul?

  18. yeah,Seoul is great,but it gets damn cool,fyi..

  19. Lol that’s my house in 0:55

  20. 내가사는곳이 맞나 싶을정도로 너무잘찍으셨네👍👍

  21. The fact its so safe in Seoul is what sold me, I could go out everyday and enjoy the architecture, city, and nature without worrying someone is going to shoot or kidnap me for going out and enjoying life

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  23. Thesedays many korean want to imigrate to other country. Why do you think they would like that?

  24. bautyfull seoul.

  25. The world that America built

  26. south Korea is my dream place

  27. mny beautiful people r out thr place is amazing wt clean n all facilities ..thr r well mannerd I jst lov evrythng abt Korea ..I love thr nature musc r alwys hit

  28. 한국인 🖐

  29. I want to visit south korea

  30. 나도 서울 살고 싶다
    I’m korean and I also want to live in Seoul

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