Here’s our pick for the 5 best destinations to visit in 2019!
From epic mountain landscapes and tropical paradises, to amazing wildlife and vibrant cultures, we’ve picked our very favourite travel gems you just have to visit in 2019!

All credit to the amazing creators who helped make this video possible!

Zimy Da Kid


The Progress Film Company


The Planet D

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Salt & Silver

Drone Snap

Pablo Tibis

Jenovel Studios

Hamza Mujtaba Films


Amazing Places on Our Planet

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  1. I think Kyrgyzstan will be the next hot spot for backpackers as it's a bit of a hidden gem still and not that many people visiting YET. Those landscapes are just insane! Brb booking a trip 😄

  2. iwant go to there but iam poor, abeatiful place

  3. sri lanka is next

  4. It is a very nice video where you have travel, but you haven't been to Nepal Himalayan?
    check it out,

  5. Why is there a Chinatown in every major city everywhere! It's like nobody from there wants to be a part of the domineering culture of the area.

  6. Oh my god
    That's beautiful❤
    I am from VietNam🇻🇳

  7. Worst video ever

  8. tips if you plan to go in sri lanka..
    1 bring gas mask(reccomended)
    2 bring alot of money ( cheap product there are garbage)
    3 dont buy street foods
    4 money exchange for foreigner is not same as local rates
    5 they all scammers

  9. Wow beautiful places to visit

  10. sri lanka😊😊 my mother land 👍 💓 💓

  11. Yay Sri Lanka is no 1 travel destination.

  12. Don't you know about Pakistan! 😕😃

  13. Maybe 2020 is the year I go to all this amazing destinations 🙏🏾♥️♥️

  14. Mi Perú hermoso.tenemos todos los paisajes .

  15. The key is finding places people aren’t. Hence why I don’t think Japan or Peru should be on this list UNLESS you’re going to some amazing places to each country has outside of Tokyo and Machu Pichu. Great video keep it up 🙌🏻

  16. Incredible srilanka

  17. Wha about Disneyland?

  18. Pakistan is the Next Travel Destination❤🌿🍀🍃

  19. plz.visitz norway and the philippines dudes

  20. Pakistan is the beautiful country thanks

  21. No offense but this list is totally inaccurate. Where is Iceland, Maldives, France, Switzerland, Uae, USA?

  22. Travel Agents Wanted come invest $5.99 to become a travel agent today

  23. You missed one country Pakistan 🇵🇰
    Facts about this mysterious country -country having
    1-Killer mountains like K2,NANGAPARBAT,broad peak,G1,G2-all having height of over8,000metres their fatality rate is higherthan Mount Everest WOULD U BELIEVE ?
    2-worlds 3highest mountain ranges(Himalayas,hindukush,Karakoram)meet there in Pakistan
    3-worlds second highest mountain planes ,DEOSAI
    4-Karakoram high way is the most dangerous and rightly called 8th wonder of world 🌎with 800deaths of construction workers (1man died per kilometer to build the road back in 19seventies)
    5-second worlds'deepest sea port GAWADAR
    6-cheapest rates for foreigners to travel here
    7-worlds largest glacier (other than south n north poles) is BALTORO 72kms in length and 4kms wide

  24. You have really created a magnific video !!! I love to travel the world ❤️
    Congrats, Great job 👍🏻 thumb’s up 😁

    Greetings from Lugano, Switzerland 🇨🇭

  25. Sri Lanka is too popular with you guys.

  26. This video clickbait

  27. Singapore ?????????????

  28. Why did you miss India 🙁

  29. Singapore 😂 Really? I used to live there. It is not a Gem.
    Malaysia is more diverse, affordable and a fascinating country.
    My 2019 List

  30. I dont think so

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